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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Truth about Protein Supplements

This is a post I just saw on the Gripboard and am re-posting here with permission of the author, Chris Mason of

---From Chris Mason---

I see threads every day on our forums, and others, which address the concern of what is the best protein supplement, and specifically, what is the best protein supplement for the money?

The most common form of the argument presented goes something like the following:

“Protein is protein. Buy the least expensive you can get as it will work just as well as more expensive products.”

The above statement is bunk! First, the cost of a protein supplement DOES have something to do with its quality. You have to understand that the protein supplementation marketplace is incredibly saturated. This saturation literally precludes any company from making a windfall profit selling protein only supplements. If a protein product is inexpensive, especially one offered by a large company with a HUGE advertising budget, you can be rest assured that its quality leaves something to be desired. Quality can take many forms just a few of which are listed below:

- The source of the raw ingredients and how they were processed for the end product.
- The cost of the ingredients used for flavoring.
- What is actually in the protein supplement relative to the label claim.
- The specific forms of protein (the various fractions of whey, casein, egg albumen etc.) in the product.
- Contaminants in the ingredients.

A dirty little secret of the supplement industry is that it is rife with companies that are willing to cut a lot of corners in order to either maximize profitability, or to undercut the market. It only makes basic economic sense that a company cannot afford to spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per month advertising heavily in every single bodybuilding, fitness, and strength sports magazine and still sell a product less than their competitors unless they are offering a product of inferior quality.

We at AtLarge Nutrition, LLC ( have spoken of the quality of Nitrean since its initial release. We were one of the first sports supplement companies in the modern era to buck the trend of whey-only protein supplements. In the years since, Nitrean has become our best selling product, has gained industry wide recognition from the likes of Men’s Health magazine and Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, and has fueled the training of some of the strongest men and women on the planet!

Why is Nitrean so popular? Why is it superior to any whey-only protein supplement?

Nitrean’s advantage lies in its unique blend of proteins. Nitrean utilizes a protein matrix consisting of 3 fractions of whey of which isolate is the primary (and also the most prevalent form of protein in the product), casein, and egg albumin. These proteins are combined in specific ratios to ensure optimum amino acid delivery over a prolonged period of time which results in a superior net retention. Net retention of ingested protein is the entire point of protein supplementation. Your body cannot do anything with protein ingested which is not retained.

What Makes Nitrean the Best Protein Value on the Market?

Ahhh, now we get to it, the real point of this report. Make no bones about it; Nitrean is flat out the BEST PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT VALUE ON THE MARKET! How can we make this claim? The answer is simple, and has already been stated. Nitrean’s protein blend provides for superior net retention. You can literally use less Nitrean than the competition and get BETTER results. This is not mere bravado; there is research to back this statement. Kerksick et. al published their study The Effects of Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation on Performance and Training Adaptations During Ten Weeks of Resistance Training in the Journal of Strength Conditioning Research (volume 20, issue 3 – August 2006, pp. 643-653). This study demonstrated that a blend of whey and casein proteins significantly outperformed a carbohydrate placebo and a whey and BCAA blend with resistance trained males. What does significantly mean? The whey and casein blend users added an AVERAGE of over 4 lbs of lean muscle mass during the study while the other 2 groups added virtually NONE (all groups did significantly increase strength)!

Bottom line, Nitrean so significantly outperforms the whey-only competition that using 50% less Nitrean will provide equivalent or superior results to those seen with your current whey-only product. You bust your ass in the gym, don’t fuel your muscles with inferior products, get Nitrean and get the best quality, efficacy, and VALUE on the market.

To check out more about Nitrean or At Large Nutrition, please go to the following sites:

Nitrean Protein Supplement


Adam Glass Bends 100 Grade 5 Bolts!

Yesterday, the Madman from Minot, Adam T. Glass showed that he IS unbreakable by bending 100 Grade 5 bolts measuring 1/4 inch in diameter and 6 inches in length with the heads cut off in 51 minutes.

I spoke to him yesterday before he began and he said that loves to do this type of self challenge about a week before each major appearance he has in order to get his head on right. I could tell when I talked to him that it was going to be no problem for him. Once he lays out a challenge for himself, he just does it.

He took some video of this hour of pain for us all to benefit from:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

"I did it because I know I can." - Adam T. Glass, 11/23/08

Great work Adam. Keep inspiring us.