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Saturday, April 21, 2007

21-Apr-07: Kaz Kollection - Dropping F-bombs

Check out this youtube video of the Car Turnover in the 1989 World's Strongest Man contest. Especially listen close to Kaz as he turns the second car.


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20-Apr-07: New Grip Article

Straight to the Grip Contest

Part III to my article series on Straight to the Bar - check it out by clicking here:


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Friday, April 20, 2007

20-Apr-07: Gotta Respect These Beer Pong Skills

Dedication, focus, and an intense desire to be the best, PERSONIFIED!

20-Apr-07: Elite FTS articles from Smitty and Rick

Check out the new article from Rick Walker over on Elite: Rick Walker - The Comeback

Here is a post from Smitty. See what benching has to do with Sanjaya: Legs up for Benching?

Finally, an innovation on the box squat by Julia Ladewski: Seated Box Jumps is one eof the best sites for strength information on the net. You should sign up for their newsletter as well as ours, which you will see below. Thanks.


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19-Apr-07: The Legendary Paul Anderson

Here are two extraordinary finds from of the great Paul Anderson, one of the strongest men that ever lived.

These two videos are a collection of feats from Paul Anderson. Check out the text book clean and presses, pulling the bar completely free of the body. Amazing depiction of the way the lift was originally contested. Also, many other feats of strength including back lifts and nail driving.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

17-Apr-07: Global Grip Challenge 2007 Rules Sheet

Click on the image below to view the rules for the 2007 Global Grip Challenge Grip Contest.


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17-Apr-07: More Big Pinching in the Grip World

This is Martin Arildsson lifting 111 kg in the Two Hand Pinch lift, using the European standard pinch device.

Martin also lifted a new world record of 117.65 kg! Very impressive!! Hope to see the video soon.

Also, Chad Kovach is throwing his name onto another Gripboard Record list with this lift of 5 tens!

Lots of people getting the job done lately. Keep up the good work everybody!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

16-Apr-07: Sean Prince - New Mash Monster

Congratulations to our good buddy Sean Prince from Alaska, for becoming the latest to be certified for the Gripboard Mash Monster Level 1 Gripper.

Click on the image above to check out the video of Sean putting a choke hold on the level 1!

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16-Apr-07: Millenium Dumbbell Lift

Here is a lift of the Millenium Dumbbell. The dimensions of this dumbbell are 228 pounds on a 2-3/8 inch handle. No easy lift by any means. There were only a handful made and only one has lifted it to lockout. Here, Steve Gardener comes really close to pulling it to lockout!

Congrats, Steve!

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