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Friday, August 03, 2007

Global Grip Challenge Hotel!

Hotel for Global Grip Challenge 2007:
Best Western
Ask for Group: Diesel Grip
255 Spring Street
Sayre, PA 18840
(570) 888-7711
Discount Rate $109.00
Must call BEFORE 8/17!!! or it goes to the regular rate of $169.00.

APT Pro Wrist Straps

Take advantage of this offer! APT Pro Wrist Straps, one of the sponsors for GGC, is kicking off a huge bargain!

    "F-R*E*E 12" Wrist Wraps from APT Inc. Pro Gear
    ....AND 15% O*F-F your entire order. ANY 12" design that
    APT Carries. See below for more details, NO GAME HERE Folks!! Wrist Strap Store.

    Why, simple,.....We have upgraded our Wrist Wraps to
    2" Wide Velcro and 1/2 Wide Thumb loops. Some are already
    selling so you may get the new version anyways, lucky you.

    This means that we have LOTS of the old design 1-1/2" wide velcro and 1/4" thumb loops to sell BEFORE we offer the new design. (All super new, perfectly good and functional for Lt/S Heavy lifting)

    All you have to do is to make one purchase (no minimum amount) and we'll send you a free set of Wrist Wraps in ANY APT Pro Design. These range from $12.95 to $17.95 a set depending on what you pick.
    Wrist Strap Store

    Step one--Place your order, use the code of WRAPS (One word) when checking out and in the comments box when checking out you have to tell us what design (by name) you want. See the wrist wrap page in our main store. Wrist Strap Store

    Step two--that's it, your done and when using the code of WRAPS you also get 15% O*F-F of your entire order and the F-R*E*E Wrist Wraps.

    This ends when you try to use the code and it doesn't work anymore, that is when APT Pro Gear has turned it off. As long as you are using it, we'll keep it active. Wrist Strap Store

    Help APT move it's old designs Wrist Wraps. Please share this with your buddies or post on a Forum or Board that you belong to. If you do post this, we'll send you TWO sets. Just send us a link to where you posted it. We want to get the new design Wrist Wraps ready to sell FAST with your help."

Straight from the man himself, Alan Thomas. Go get yours now.