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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nail Bending is Fun

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Josh Hanagarne, the World's Strongest Librarian, recently posted a review of my Nail Bending eBook.

Nail Bending eBook Review

Bending nails really is fun, but even more than that it is exciting. It is hard to describe what it feels like to hit a new Personal Record when bending.

I liken it to hitting a home run off a really good pitcher.

For instance, when I was in high school, I could hit pretty well, but had a hard time against lefties, especially this one kid from Wyalusing named Matt Haverly.

I knew I could hit this kid's fastball, but this one game he was feeding me curveballs all night and before I knew it, I had already struck out twice against him.

In my last at bat against Haverly in this one particular game (it might have actually been the very last time I ever faced him) for some reason he started me off with a fastball and I crushed it over the fence for the homer.

The conditions changed and my confidence combined with him trying to slip a fastball past me resulted in a home run and a Personal Record for me against him.

Very similar, I tried multiple times to bend my first red nail in August 2004 only to fail the first two times I tried that summer.

I guess when I finally bent the red nail, it was all just perfect. Like batting against Haverly, I knew I could bend the red nail, I just hadn't done it yet. Then finally everything fell in place, the red nail "gave me a fastball" and I hit it over the fence for a homerun and new bending PR!

The same thing will happen to all of you. If you try hard enough and often enough, you will break through your bending plateaus and get new personal records.

All the best in your training,


P.S. You can pick up your copy of the Nail Bending eBook here ===>Nail Bending Info

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Den Cenidoza - Red Nail Progress

Dan Cenidoza recently bent his first red nail.

I said within a couple weeks he'd be bending them in IronMind pads, and sure enough, he just did one in IMP's recently.

That's what I call nail bending progress.

What's your bending progress like? What is your most recent PR? Let us all know in the comments section below.


Monday, July 27, 2009

30 Ways to Up Your Bench

It's time to Up Your Bench.

AJ Roberts has put together an unbelievable system to increase your bench press. I just got an insider look at it and it looks awesome.

Look, AJ is a professional powerlifter who trains right at West Side Barbell.

AJ is an awesome guy. I recently hung out with him in New Jersey one night after a day-long seminar and not only is he cool to hang out and joke with, but the information he gave me in that one conversation helped me add 40-lbs onto my bench press.

He's already put up a free 29-minute video on the 30 biggest mistakes people make on the bench press. You can check it out now by clicking here ===> 30 ways to Up Your Bench.

This week, he is releasing his brand new product and I actually put together bonus for it about Grip Considerations for the Bench Press. It is over 50 minutes in length itself.

For now, go check out AJ's video and sign up for his newsletter.

If you want to put some weight on your bench press, then AJ is your man. He'll show you how to make it happen.

AJ's Link: Up Your Bench

All the best in your training.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adding Nail Bending into Your Current Program

A common question I get from athletes who are looking to start performing feats of strength, like nail and bolt bending, has to do with the work load and stresses of bending on their hands and forearms. Specifically, is it safe to add nail bending into their current program?

Many of those who write are already very active in strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman training, and kettlebell lifting, such as the writer below. Check it out here.

    Hey there Jedd.

    I'm a kettlebell lifter (a few months now) and follow the RKC hardstyle. Big fan of Jordan Vezina, and just watched his steel bending intro videos on youtube. He praised your Bending E-book.

    Just a quick question... can the training regimen prescribed in your E-Book fit in with my kettlebell training without overtraining? I'm currently doing the program minimum, which is mostly swings (500-600 per week) and turkish get-ups. The grip is taxed heavily as you may already know, during these workouts.

    Thanks for the info.

    Stephane Gouin
    Ottawa, ON Canada

This a good question and I don’t blame you if you are unsure if bending will overwhelm your grip, and your body for that matter. When starting out, the volume and stress of bending nails and bolts under such high intensity can be enough to cause injury, especially if you go about it too much too fast.

I took this into consideration when I wrote the Nail Bending eBook. I knew that many people starting out were not already participating in a consistent grip training program, but I knew that far more would in fact already be devoting a great amount of time and effort into other full-body training protocols.

I knew that these new benders would want to maintain their high levels in their already developed training programs. So, to allow them to keep up with their current training programs, I included a ramp-up program that would allow them to start out slowly and gradually work up in stresses and volume by slowly introducing volume of grip and wrist training into the program.

This conditioning cycle lasts several weeks before any bending is even introduced.

I also included some other pointers for beginning benders:

    Increase water intake – Water will help your muscles and connective tissues recover. Remember, the muscle in your body is made of a great deal of water. Drinking enough will help keep everything lubricated in the connective tissue, muscles, and joints. Of course, another thing to remember is that there is a tremendous amount of straining when bending, which can cause your blood pressure to increase, heart rate to increase, and sweating to increase. In short, push the fluids.

    Increase your calories – Because more tissue will be broken down than what you are used to it is important to consume more calories when starting out bending so that you can avoid the affects of over-training and cumulative trauma injuries. Take it from me. I have had some of the worst pain possible in my elbows from bending too much too soon. This is NO FUN! I took this into consideration when writing the bending manual because I didn’t want the same thing to happen to you all.

    Increase your preventive measures – Everyone knows that warming up, stretching to cool down, hand health, etc., is important for maximizing your performance and staying healthy. In the Bending eBook, I talk about many different ways to maintain hand health, including stretching, contrast baths, warm-up exercises, and more.

As you can see, I have covered a lot of preventive stuff in the Nail Bending eBook, aside from just multiple techniques to bend nails, bolts, and stock, how to wrap, and all that other bending-specific information. I included this because I have felt the pain of overuse from nail bending and I did not want that to happen to you all who are looking to get started in the sport of nail bending and grip strength.

Hopefully this has answered your questions, but if not, please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

If you have ideas for new benders to keep them injury free when starting out, don't hold back - please post below!

Thanks, and all the best in your training.


P.S. You can pick up the Nail Bending eBook here: How to Bend Nails