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Saturday, February 10, 2007

10-Feb-07: Nail Bending eBook Promo

Tons of people have bought the Nail Bending eBook and loved it.

I sent a copy to Cliff Dooman, Strength Coach from the Naval Academy. I've been telling him for two years I was going to help him with bending, so once I got the eBook done I sent him a copy.

This is what he had to say after reading the eBook:

    "Jedd Johnson's bending e-book is the most in depth and informative resource relating to grip I have ever come across. Jedd and the Diesel crew have been and continue to be a great resource for our department. Their creativity and innovation are second to none. I highly recommend reading this book, you will not be disappointed".
    Cliff Dooman
    Navy Strength and Conditioning

If you've been meaning to get it, but haven't yet, here is a quick video showing you what you will get in this Diesel Crew Production.

Click here TO ORDER

Friday, February 09, 2007

09-Feb-07: TPS Grip Assault 2007

If you are thinking about doing a Grip contest this year, you might want to sign up for this one, hosted by Total Performance Sports in Everett, Massachusetts. I sent in my application this week. As far as I know, there are no other entries. Hopefully some more people will decide to sign up.

To print out your application, click on the image above, and go down the page until you find the same image. You can't miss it.

Here are the events and rules. Dave Memont's contests are always a bit different than other grip contests.

    1st. Double rolling thunder hold. Done on a twin stack pull down machine, equal weight in each hand. Take grip of the handles and drop to your knees. Weight must be held for a total of 3 seconds. 3 attempts to get the heaviest weight. Rising bar event.
    2nd. Grippers. Standard set to parallel and crush.
    3rd. 3 inch bar one handed deadlift. Lift to be done to complete lockout to count. 3 attempts for heaviest weight. Rising bar event.
    4th. Hub lift. Using all iron mind equipment. Rising bar event, with 3 attempts
    5th. Thick v-bar. this is the first ever tried in grip contest and the first one ever made. Same rules as a regular v-bar apply.

My last trip up to TPS for a grip contest was in 2005 - here is a highlight video featuring some of the feats that happened after the contest.
Grip Assault 2005

Monday, February 05, 2007

05-Feb-07: Excellent Strength and Combat Blog

Just ran across this blog. I did not get a chance this morning to read in detail, but it struck me as an excellent collection of video and photos of some of the strongest men in the past, with a load of combat thrown in there. Have a look.

Physical Strategies

And here is our latest video, edited by Smitty.