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Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Zach Ruffo Video from the Archives

Here is a Zach Ruffo video that I have never seen before. I was just trying to figure this hit out the other day and was unable, but you can bet I'll keep on trying.

Bringing it to you here at Napalm's Corner.


Alan Kahn on the Speed Bag...Again

This is how good Alan Kahn, the Speed Bag King, is. He has never practiced this song before and he is able to play the beat perfectly on the speed bag.

This guy is the pioneer of speed bag training. Leave him a comment on and subscribe to his videos!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Upcoming Grip Contests

On December 9th, there will be two big grip contests going on. One is The Gripmas Charol, promoted by Chris Rice and takes place in Ohio. This contest will feature many of the top grip athletes in the eastern United States. I am going down to give it a try. To find out more, check out the Grip Contests section of the The Gripboard

Also, Alastair "BIG AL" Christie and Mike Daly will be promoting the Perth Grip Strength Challenge. Find out more HERE

The Adjustable Pinch set-up will be used at both contests. Will the record of 112.1kg fall on this colossal day of Grip? Stay tuned in two weekends' time...


New Diesel Videos

Swiss Ball Push-ups

45 Degree Shrugs

Plate Pinch Progression

Band Resisted Rack Pulls


Monday, November 26, 2007

Reg Park has Passed

I'd like to take a moment and pay my respects to Reg park, who has recently passed.

Click this link to learn about who Reg Park was.


New Inch Dumbbell Article at STTB

My next installment on training for the Inch Dumbbell is up. Find out how to modify the load and speed of your repetitions to increase your thick bar strength.

Check it out at Straight to the Bar.


What are the little icons at the bottom of each post?

Some of you have written wondering the little icons are at the bottom of each post. These icons are for social bookmarking. The way it works is if you like a post on the blog, here, just click on one of the icons and it will automatically link you to the corresponding bookmarking website. Examples are,,, and There you can write a review of it and it will be posted for all the members of that site to see.

Many of my posts are centered around Grip Strength. I encourage you to click these links and reference my posts on these pages. Adding them there may get new faces to the blog, and this may in fact help build the sport of Grip.

You will have to sign up for each site, so feel free to click on each of the links and do so.

I appreciate your help in spreading the word!


Circuit for Grapplers

This is one of Smitty's latest videos showing an outstanding circuit for Grapplers. You'll see the only equipment needed is an army duffel with sand in it. Simple equipment, simple routine, outstanding results.

1A Sandbag Getups
2A Sandbag Clean & Press
3A Sandbag Military Press
4A Sandbag Shoulder Squat
5A Sandbag Lunges
6A Sandbag Torso Rotations
7A Sandbag Good Mornings
8A Sandbag Front Squats
9A Sandbag Pullthroughs

Ways to increase the intensity of the circuit:
- perform more runs through the circuit
- perform more reps for each exercise in the circuit
- increase the weight of the sandbag
- decrease the rest time between runs
- increase the tempo (duration of concentric or eccentric phases)

Smitty covers simple training and complex circuits like this one in his Building the Ultimate MMA Athlete. Check it out!