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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Four Hour Tour Training Report

Today's workout was awesome. If you didn't make it up, you missed a killer time. We streamed everything live on UStream and I know several board members were watching.

This is what we hit:

Two Hands Pinch
Double Over Axle
One Hand Axle
Gripmas Hammer Levering
Hammer Deadlifting
BTR Block Weight Loading

This went great. It was very structured - without a doubt the most structured grip get together I have every held or attended and it enabled us to get a ton of stuff done.

We started everything with an intense warm-up, hitting full body general followed by specific warm-ups, stretching, leg swings, etc. I felt great.

We ran the grippers at contest intensity. What I mean by that is we took one round of warm-ups then 4 rounds of max attempts just like a contest. We also took two rounds of triples after that. We finished this all in about 20 minutes.

We moved on to pinch and did the same thing, cycling through to work towards a max attempt. We tried to do a couple other things up around our max, but there were cut thumbs and humidity issues, so we moved on to the axle.

In the middle of the pinch, Mike and Brent each lifted the Blob - Mike for the first time. Frank also lifted the Blob - did we ever figure out if it was the fatman guys?

The axle lifts went well and then we finished with loading block weights for as many reps as possible in a minute's time. This was just downright awesome hard work. The platform we were lifting to was 44 inches high, so it was pretty much a high pull to load it. Lifting to this height is important and so is training for the heightened work capacity.

Then we ate around 3.

Mike headed out around 4. Brent, Frank and I walked down stairs, got talking and started training again on my fitness gear 45 hub and the fatboy replica. Frank and Brent both got the fitness gear 45 by the hub, Brent multiple times. I never got it but hovered it a few times.

Today was awesome. I had a great workout. My hands are throttled. My thumbs are on fire, but never tore.

Frank tore his thumb so bad it looked like when a callus rips off in the farmers walk. Sick stuff. It looked like he could have hidden a dime in there.

Thanks for coming up guys. Thanks for pushing me.


P.S. The best part was we knew there were time constraints and we shoved a ton of solid work into the time frame without any waste or rush.

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