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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dennis Rogers Wrist Curl

Here, Adam Glass demonstrates the Dennis Rogers wrist curl.

Adam is putting out some outstanding and informative videos - subscribe to his channel today.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Karelin Highlights

Here are some highlights of the powerful Russian wrestler, Alexander Karelin.


High Reps = Big Gripper Close?

Many new Gripsters assume that banging out a bunch of reps on a light gripper will help them close that big target gripper. I've found this not to be so in my case.

Read about it here in the first episode of the Grip Chronicles.

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What do you think? Did high reps on a lighter gripper get you to your goal gripper? Post your comments here at Napalm's Corner.


P.S. Experimenting is key to strength training success - not being afraid to do something a little different can pay off big time. Check out the Grip Experts eBook product for more ways to innovate in your training and bring your grip strength up today. Click the image below.

Tex Henderson - Double Inch Farmer's Walk

This is Tex Henderson, who trains with the Sorinex crew, perform a 50+ feet double Inch replica farmers walk. This is a TREMENDOUS feat of hand strength. Tex Henderson has been featured here before and it is plain to see his abilities.

Tex is a Strongman competitor, but we are hoping he decides to devote some time to Grip, as he is a front runner already, even without much specific training.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gripboard Records List Announcement

Captains of Crush (COC) #3.5 Close
Patrick Gansel - 6th to do so with Mash Monster set; 2nd to do so with IronMind Credit Card Set
Matti Heiskanen - 7th to do so with Mash Monster set; 1st to do so with with each hand

Inch Dumbbell & Blob
Andrew Durniat

COC #1
Nicholas Vrontakis

COC #2
Mickey Greco
Jason Lutan
Steven M. Noles

50-lb Blob
Mitch Mobley
Andrew Durniat
Fred Coombs
Scott Harris, Jr.

Double 45-lb Hub Lift

Grant Mochizuki

6 Tens Pinch

Jedd Johnson

5 Tens Pinch

Mitch Mobley
Bobby Goodfellow
Bob Lipinski

COC #3 Closed with Each Hand
Filip Jovanovac
Matti Heiskanen

52.5 Pound Hex (Half 105)
Bob Sundin (odin) ... Slope: 5 3/4...Hand Size: 7 5/8"

Two 50-lb Blobs Deadlifted At The Same Time
Bob Sundin (odin)
Aaron Corcorran


Dave Depew

Dave Depew has forged a very impressive on-line network. It comes as no surprise that the same spirit he devotes to his marketing dedication also spills over into his inspirational personal training, as evidenced by many of his trainees.

Have a look here and add a post of your own to Dave's credit.

Check out the Dave Depew Network.


New Post on Grip Strength Radio

If you are new to Grip training and you are looking to build world class crushing strength, then you need to start your journey with our latest show: Intro to Crush.

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