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Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Blog - Stone Lifting

I decided to start a new blog tonight on Stone Lifting, in order to help spread the word about this form of strength training and our product release from last Fall, the Stone Lifting Fundamentals DVD.

Check it out: Stone Lifting.


Matt Schumann Loads 330-lb Stone

In this video, Matt Schumann loads a 330-lb over a 49" bar. At the Arnold Classic, and at many other contests, where the object is to load the heaviest stone possible, the stone is put over a bar, just like you see here in this video.

I also want to point out the way Matt wraps his forearms here. You'll see, that instead of some sort of sleeve or forearm guard, Matt uses common sports tape - something we all have access to and is very affordable. It conforms to the forearm perfectly, protects your skin from rough stone edges, and can easily hold a layer of tacky if you desire to apply it. This is the wrapping technique we cover in our Stone Lifting Fundamentals DVD.

Check out our Stone Lifting Fundamentals DVD today and get the information you need to start stone lifting right!