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Friday, November 09, 2007

First, Latest and Oldest COC

Richard Sorin, the first man to earn the title Captain of Crush, has also become the latest and the oldest to meet the requirements for the milestone. He has just closed a brand new out of the package #3 gripper with a credit card set.

Check out the news headline at the IronMind site.

Congratulations to Richard Sorin!


Not sure what this is Gripper stuff is all about? Check out my article series at, called Straight to the Grip Contest.

Or check out the entire series wrapped up in one article at The Articles Section.

New Diesel Site

Announcing the Spray Series!
    "It is an online community for coaches and athletes of all ages and levels to come and find information and advice on all aspects of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning. With some of the top strength coaches from across the country contributing valuable training insight it is our desire that the Spray Series become one of the leading resources for the sharing of knowledge and ideas for the benefit of your athletes and training programs so that they may be taken to new levels."

    - Jason Spray MS, CSCS, SCCC, USAW -

Click here to check out Team Spray's New Site!

Ask Team Spray a question about strength and conditioning for football, basketball or any other sport - and get your question answered on the site! Coach Spray Q&A

Subscribe to Team Spray's Youtube Channel that is loaded with some of the most intense strength training footage you've ever seen!

Team Spray

Jason Spray

Jason serves as the director of Strength and Conditioning at Middle Tennessee State University for the Men's basketball program.

EJ Leverette

E.J. is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders Men's Basketball and Football teams.

Drew Shea

Drew is a Certified Athletic Trainer responsible for Middle Tennessee State University's Men's basketball team.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Does Zach Need to See?

Does Zach Ruffo even need to see the bag in order to hit it like a phenom?

Hell no!

Check this out!



Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Grip Strength Videos for Coaches

Like I have often said, in order to develop your athlete's grip strength, you do not necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars. Really, all you need is an open mind and some spare equipment to utilize in the gym.

Adjustable Hub Lifting

This is another simple set-up. All you need is a weight plate with a decent hub on it, some rope or strong string, a nail or rod, and some other micro-loading plates.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Latest Post on the Pundit - Chris Jericho Dot Dot Dot

Is Chris Jericho on his way back to the WWE roster? We've got the scoop for you at The Pro Wrestling Pundit.