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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

27-Dec-06: Big Strongman Discovery

If you are interested in historical Strongman competitions, then you must check this series of videos posted on by Garrick Draft: Pure Strength 1987. Following is a quote from Garrick posted on a strength board:

    "Pure Strength 1987 is an extremely rare contest to be found. A very historic competition was held at the Huntley Castle in Aberdeenshire Scotland in 1987 called Pure Strength. Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Bill Kazmaier, and Geoff Capes all claimed to be the World's Strongest Man. In the birthland of the Strongman sport, their most bold of claims would be challenged. This is one of the greatest Strongman competitions ever held, and I am happy to share it with you all."

Here is the link to the entire page of videos: Pure Strength 1987 - The Phantom World's Strongest Man 1987

Event 1: The Claymore - Sword hold for time
Event 2: Manhood Stones - Load 3 stones into a cart
Event 3: Canon Pull - Pull a 1300-pound canon up a slant
Event 4: Caber Toss - Throw a pole for distance
Event 5: Weight Throw - Throw a weight up over a bar
Event 6: Hoist Pull - Pull a weight with a rope
Event 7: Log Lift - Lift a log with overhead
Event 8: Wheel Barrow - Move a big barrow over a courtyard
Event 9: Cart Wheel Lift - Like a Boat or Truck Deadlift
Event 10: Dinney Stone - Another Stone Carry for Distance

I think you will learn a lot from these videos, so I encourage you to view all of them. Several things struck me right away:
    Kazmier struggled to carry a 110 kilo atlas stone - that's a paper weight these days.
    The Log Lift is contested on a stack of ply-wood atop a castle! Watch as Kaz gets pissed!
    Sigmarsson pauses in the log lift with the 360-pound log balanced on his head, and then locked it out ballistically!
    Bill gets a little emotional talking about the sound of the bagpipes!
    The last event is the Diesel Method of Movement under Tension, exemplified.

If for no other reason, you have to check this video out for the cool 80's music.