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Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Napalm Speed Bag Video

Just some clips from a recent workout pieced together with a touch of Faith No More for some added flavor, in case the cat jumping in the background and the strange pit stain on my tank top isn't enough for you.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mission Impossible Theme

Alan Kahn Hits the Speed Bag to the Mission Impossible Theme


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Monday, July 09, 2007

Big News in the Grip World

This just in from the Gripboard: Rich Sorin announced two huge Grip attempts to be made at his Sorinex facility on July 27th.

    Tex Henderson will try for #4 Captains of Crush Certification.

    Chad Woodall will try to complete Richard Sorin's Grip Gauntlet, containing the following feats of strength, copied from one of Richard's recent posts on the Gripboard.

    "There is a 100lb anvil pinch grip deadlift (4 3/8" across face), Old #3 silvercrush to be done with thumb and two fingers(credit card set width start),Phantom 4 full hand (credit card width set),101lb bomb deadlift by nose of bomb,pinch deadlift of "Old" York 45 lb. plates, Anvil deadlift by horn total weight 201, 181 deadlift in 3"handle dumbbell,Original 52lb Blob one hand deadlift and carry 10', 245 lb deadlift on 2" handle dumbbell,411lb Dinnie stone replica deadlift, Inch dumbbell deadlift and carry 10', Hub pinch and straight arm lateral raise to shoulder height "old" style 45Lb York. Every piece is the original I used when doing each feat listed .RS"

Every feat here is remarkable and certainly world class. No one has closed a #4 for certification since IronMind changed the rules, where a credit card must be passed through the handles after pre-positioning the Gripper. I have never heard of anyone completing any of the feats in the Grip Gauntlet besides Richard himself.

Best of luck to these two phenoms.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some Kettlebell Alternatives from Mike Hanley

Mike Hanley has put together another nice group of fun alternatives with kettlebells in his latest article on the site.

Try these out the next time you want some variety in your workout but are stuck for ideas. Click the image below.


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