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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pro Wrestling Pundit

Have a look at a new site I am a contributing to from time to time, Pro Wrestling Pundit. Just a few additions up to this point, but there will be more for sure. Thanks to Tim Haught for bringing me on. It will be great writing about one of the things I love and enjoy most, Pro Wrestling.


Anthony DiLiglio - Ropes Gone Wild

I have done rope training, and it is the real deal for conditioning.

I feature all of Anthony's products - just check them out within the right-hand margin.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Massachusetts Strongman Comp

Massachusetts Strongman Comp, promoted by John "Sully" Sullivan.

“Strength Beyond Strength Charity Strongman Challenge” on August 25th in Waltham, MA. Proceeds are going to the American Cancer society, so hopefully we can get a great turnout. We’ve already got some good sponsors lined up such as ESPN Radio, Sam Adams, Pizzeria Uno, Red Bull and Myonova Supplements.

Weights are as follows (light/heavy):
Log - 210/250
Axle Dead - 450/600
Tire Sled Medley - 650/800 (sled TBA)
Truck Pull - 20,000 to 25,000 pounds
Conan's Wheel - 550/650


Preventing Ankle Sprains

Sick of your athletes going down to ankle sprains? Maybe you are tired of sitting out rounds, innings, and periods due to ankle injuries? I broke my right ankle my Junior year in
high school and hated every minute I sat on the bench waiting to heal. Of course, back then, Jerry Shreck wasnt pumping out articles like this. Check out this latest piece from the Bucknell
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is the third part in his Functional Injury Prevention Series. Read this now and increase your athletes resiliency.

August 2007 - Jerry Shreck - Functional injury Prevention - Part III - The Ankle Complex

New DIESEL Product

I have taken part in a project with several other strength professionals, called The Grip Experts. We each took a part of the book. We could write about anything we wanted, and I wrote about how to turn conventional exercises, which are often used by strength coaches these days, into lifts that will be grip intensive to increase supporting strength!

Have a look now!



Directions to GGC

Several have written asking how to get to GGC. I do not have the address of the EDGE Fitness Center yet, but I will get it and let everyone know. For now, the directions to get there from the Sayre Best Western are as follows.

Turn left out of the Best Western driveway and take route 17 West. Less than a mile up the highway there will be an exit on your right - Exit 60. Take that exit toward Sayre and Towanda. It is route 220 - go South.

Towanda is about 12 miles down route 220. You will see a ramp for Rte 6 on your right. There is a huge green sign that says Towanda on it.

Take the ramp and turn left onto Rte 6. The EDGE is about 1 mile down the road on the left. Here is an image of the EDGE, below. This shot is from the South side, you will be coming from the North.

There is a sizeable extension that they built onto the left side of the building that does not show up in this picture, but the face with the red lettering on the front of the building is exactly the same.

Hope this is helpful for those coming from the North, i.e. Sayre, Athens area.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ken Patera - Feats of Strength

Ken Patera was one of the few wrestlers who was a legitimate elite athlete prior to his wrestling career. As you can see below, he was one of the best in the U.S. at his weight class, lifting 212.5 kg in the clean and jerk.

See more on Ken Patera's weightlifting career on Wikipedia.

These clips are from Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from 1978. Various feats of strength performed by Ket Patera and Tony Atlas including driving spikes through boards, nail bending, and bar bending.

Interested in learning how to bend nails? Check out the link below, or the image to the right, The Nail Bending eBook.

My best speed bag string

In this string, I was able to put together several hitting techniques without spilling the bag. This is by far the best string I have ever managed as far as using complex hits and keeping it going for time. Front circle punch, front fist roll, split fists, downward double elbow strike, outward double elbow strike, outward triple elbow strike, forward back, and double forward double back are some of the techniques I was able to piece in. I did not try any double reverse fist rolling or sideways punching as I am not any good at them YET. I also hit a no-look series of single fist basic rhythm, which I've never seen anyone try, but I also doubt it occurred to anyone to try it, either. I am sure anyone who can hit the bag with any speed can do so with their eyes closed, facing away, or with a blindfold.