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Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Spray Series Video

The Spray Series - New Video!

EJ shows some new sick training in this new video!

ME Bench Workout
Chaos Bench Warm-up with Kettlebells and Bands

Heavy DB Benching

Banded Pull-ups

Some classic Diesel sled dragging combinations, with some new ones from EJ!

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Sled Drag & Sandbag Combo

Check out this killer Sled Drag / Sandbag Carry combination from Mike at!

Here's the video link: Please right click, save target as.

Our Sled Dragging Manual is packed with innovative training ideas like these. Check it out at the Diesel Crew site.


Chaos Manual

As you may know, Smitty has produced an excellent Strength and Conditioning manual called Chaos Training. It is essentially a run down of how we have trained in the 8 years we have known one another.

Jim Wendler, of, has written a review of this product, here, so please check it out.

I'll also add that I appreciate the comments Jim Wendler makes at the beginning of this write-up, as it's hard to believe our meeting had that much of an effect on him. I have to say the feeling is mutual.

Jim Wendler's Chaos Training Review


Truth about Steroids has a good interview with Dr. Charles Yesalis on Steroids. Will they really shrink your nuts forever? Let's find out.

Playing With Steroids - A Chat with Dr. Charles Yesalis


New Article by Adam Glass

Adam T Glass has put together a nice article on two seemingly separate types of training protocols - Kettlebells and Nail Bending. True, at first they do seem like two totally unrelated methodologies, but after reading, you will understand how much they compliment one another in power production, mental preparedness and of course, forearm strength.

Check out the article here.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Smitty Snatches the 115 Pound Kettlebell

At the Total Performance Sports Big Seminar, Smitty snatched a 115 pound Kettlebell with no problem. The feat is mixed in with other footage from the training session the night before the seminar. Here's the video:


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mark Felix - On His Way to 300lbs

You have seen the progress Mark Felix has been making on the Rolling Thunder Deadlift Handle. Hailing from Grenada, the title of the first man to ever lift 300 lbs on the implement may fall very soon. Here, he gives 293 pounds a ride.


Gaining Bodyweight - PR's at the Table?

Max Misch has penned an interesting piece on muscle gain at Straight To The Bar.

Setting PR's (personal records) at the dinner table? It all makes sense.