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Friday, June 29, 2007

New Addition on Elite

Smitty's come through with another bad ass exercise on the exercise index. Check out Windshield Wipers.

Nice shirt, Smitty!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

29-Jun-07: Strongman Equipment for Sale

A friend of mine is unloading a great deal of his strongman training equipment, and I am helping him get the word out. NONE of this is my stuff. Prices are listed for each item, or you can get the whole thing for $1500! Unbelievable collection for a fraction of the price he paid for it, I'm sure.

    "Atlas stones - I can't remember the exact weights but I know I am within 10lbs, they are as follows:

    180lbs $90

    269lbs $ 130

    280lbs $ 140

    313lbs $150

    339lbs $160

    350lbs $170

    405lbs $200

    Hussafell Stone, around 300lbs $150

    265lb Sand Bag $25

    Full set of platforms for the stones built according to the WSM heights $500

    Dead lift patforms for lifting the stones off of so the ground is level, there are two $150 each


    500lbs $25

    870lbs $25

    1100lbs $25

    1600lbs $25

    Beer Kegs:

    6 old style kegs full of cement, great for loading or dragging, I cemented a metel rod eith a ring on the end in the keg with the ring fitting flush in the bung so you can attach a clip to the ring for dragging events, multiple kegs can be attached together. $50 each

    4 new style kegs, I have altered them so you can adjust the weight easily with a plug at the top and they seal air tight $25 each

    Oxygen cylinders, I got these with the intention of making farmers walkers but never got around to it $25 each

    12" Stainless Steel Pro Log, the log is 1/2 an inch thick and has 9" long loading areas on each side made of solid 2" steel, the log weighs 270lbs empty, this thing was expensive guys the steel alone cost a ton cause it is stainless $500 This log was built and used by a Pro Strongman, I purchased the log from him and let me tell you it is AWESOME.

    All of these items are PICK UP ONLY, I listed prices I thought were fair and on most of the stuff with the cost of the item new as well as the materials if took for me to build some of it I am taking a pretty big hit but like I said I hate to see it go to waste. "

Please email me for contact information.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Assessment of the Pullup

At StrongLifts, a very nice assessment of the pull-up. Why you should do you it, how you should do it, and more.

Just follow this link: StrongLifts - Technique on the Pull-up.


How the Pro's Train Their Grip - Jouko Ahola

The Chin Bar hang for Time with Weight Added, from Jouko Ahola.

When I started out in Grip, I would use this technique from time to time. It is very intense and you have to be prepared mentally in order to reach your maximum time. Start out on a fixed bar and then move to a rotating bar, as Jouko does in the video. This exercise is no hang in the park...

For an additional challenge, try doing this exercise with thick work gloves on, especially if you play a stick/bat sport and must wear gloves, like ice hockey! Work gloves replicate the hockey gloves well and will increase the functionality of the movement.


Whey Consortium - Inch DB Press / Wes Peart - New COC!

I love following the succession of athletes who have successfully locked out the Inch Replica Dumbell, both deadlifting it and locking it out over head. Here is Loz from the Whey Consortium push pressing that thing overhead - No Effin' Problem!

Wes Peart is the latest Captain of Crush, closing the number 3 gripper with a credit card set! Click on the image to read the write-up on

Nice job Wes! And nice shirt!


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