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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

22-Sep-06: Booker T with a British Accent??

Come on now. Tonight I turned on Friday Night Smackdown and "King" Booker T was speaking with a British accent, like he was in the movie Robin Hood or something. Give me a break.

Chavo Guerrero turned on Rey Misterio recently. This angle sucks. Chavo is a terrible wrestler and is boring. While I am not a fan of luchador wrestlers, I do think Rey Misterio and even Eddie when he was still alive were entertaining. Chavo Guerrero is terrible. The guy can't hook you when he's got a mic and he can't act. Even when Eddie died, I thought his tears were fake. I wish they would get rid of the guy.

I was very happy to see the WWE change networks for their Friday show. Tonight was the first time I've seen the Undertaker do a show besides a pay-per-view in about 3 years.

Monday, September 18, 2006

WWE Unforgiven Review

One night removed from Unforgiven 2006. The best matches were Degeneration X vs the McMahons and Big Show, and Edge vs John Cena.

Degeneration X vs the McMahons and Big Show

Like I predicted this match was a bloodbath. All five were covered in blood. Triple H looked like he had a blood creek running from his head down his torso. Michaels looked like he was uncomfortable from the blood drying on his face like some kind of red glazed doughnut crust. At the end of the match, D-X wiped Vince's blood off his face by stuffing it nearly up Big Show's ass. D-X got Show tied up in the ropes, pulled his singlet down and wiped McMahon's face clean of blood in the crevace. I was thoroughly disappointed in Shane McMahon's core strength. He lifted someone up ina torture rack and could barely withstand the weight on his shoulders. Gotta work on that core strength, Shane-O.

Edge vs John Cena

Edge jobbed to Cena in his hometown, which was a true surprise to me. I figured Cena was headed to Smackdown. Both took some heavy bumps. Cena fell off a 12-foot ladder, out of the ring, and his ass went straight through a table and crashed ot the floor. I seriously though he broke his tail bone. Edge also got tipped off a ladder and through a table on the floor, but that was nothing compared to when Cena F.U.'d him from the top of a 12-foot ladder and through two tables stacked on on top the other. Great action.

Not much of a workout yesterday because Smitty and I cleaned out the garage on our own once again and I was exhausted and had to get home. Tonight, I ended up having to stay way late at work so all I mustered was some footage for the next Diesel Crew eBook. Tomorrow, looking to work Log, Atlas Stones and Inch Dumbbell.

Eat lots of food.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome to Napalm's Corner

This is Napalm's Corner. My mission with this page is to offer my insight about Strength and Conditioning and the most entertaining sport of them all, Professional Wrestling.

Speaking of the Greatest Show on earth, I am watching the WWE's Unforgiven right now, and as the highlight reel plays of Triple H getting his head crushed by his own sledge hammer, I know the Hell in a Cell match is about to begin. Hell in a Cell is the new version of the Cage Match in the WWE. Back in the old days of the WWF they used the blue steel cages that could be set up in between matches. These days the cage has morphed into a malicious form weighing two tons that takes hours to fabricate and is suspended above the ring until they're ready to lower it.

Tonight, Degeration X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) are squaring off against Vince and Shane Mcmahon with the Big Show alongside them. Months and months of feuding have led up to this match. Hopefully, Triple H and Vince will blade it up and the canvas will be laden with crimson after the match is done.

Play nice.