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Thursday, September 28, 2006

28-Sep-06: Never Say Never

Can you believe it is going to happen again?

This time it is free on Spike TV. Click the face-off image below to check out a run down by Michael DiSanto.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

27-Sep-06: Clint Darden

Clint Darden lives in Cyprus and continues to train intensely day after day, month after month, even when he is sick and without the perfect professional equipment. That's DIESEL, brother. Check out his site: click the image below.

27-Sep-06: New Jersey E-Z Pass

This past August, I took a trip to some part of New jersey (not sure which - they all look the same to me) and happened to get on the Garden State Parkway. The toll area came up with no warning and I ended up in an E-Z Pass lane - I am not an E-Z Pass subscriber!! I got to the window and there was no attendant, so i sped away on my trip.

Yesterday, I get a notice in the mail that I skipped on a 70-cent toll and that I owed the state of New Jersey not only the 70 cents but also $25 in handling fees.

I don't think so.

Of coursed I was pissed, so I look for the customer service number and was surprised to see that the offices were actually open until 7 PM. Now, that is unheard of. Normally places like this that you need to call would close at like 4 PM or something, so seeing this calmed me down.

I was even more relieved that once the operator found out that it was an accident that I got in to that lane in the first place, and that this was my first ever violation, she waived the $25 handling charge. Glad I didn't go redneck on her and give her a rash of shit.

Train your Grip.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

26-Sep-06 Yield Strength vs. Tensile Strength

Found a great post on the Gripboard, describing the difference between Yield Strength and Tensile Strength, regarding nail bending.

First off, tensile strength and yield strengths are completely different. The tensile strength is indeed the theoretical strength that it would take to pull a piece of the steel apart if you pulled on it like a rope. It is not a force but is given as a pressure (psi-pounds per square inch) So, if you wanted to know the force, you would take the tensile strength (in psi) and multiply that number by the cross-sectional area. So a larger piece of metal (5/16 vs. 1/4) is harder to bend because it has a larger cross-sectional area. Its also why square stock bends easier one way than the other (diamond vs. square)

When you are bending, 2 things happen to the piece at the same time. The outside radius of the bend is put into tension and the inside is put into compression. So the tensile strength does have some bearing as to how difficult a piece is to bend.

Yield strength is usually lower than tensile strength for the same piece of metal. It is the pressure at which a piece moves out of the plastic range and into the yield range. So when you bend, you are exceeding both the yield and tensile strength. If you can only flex the piece of metal and it springs back straight, you have not exceeded the yield strength.

Monday, September 25, 2006

25-Sep-06 Just Made My Order...

Just logged on to and pre-ordered my copy of the Hulk Hogan The Ultimate Anthology. Click on the image below to check out everything that is featured on this 4-disk set.

If you order now, you get like $40 bucks off!

Eat some steak, brother.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

24-Sep-06 New Article: Grip Drop Sets

Just penned my latest article on Grip Drop Sets, documenting an experiment I will be running for Grippers. To read it, join our free Grip Authority newsletter.

Videos, articles and innovative grip strength training ideas!!


24-Sep-06: Great Faith No More Video

This is "Ashes to Ashes" by Faith No More off their Album "Album of the Year." I believe it was released in 1997. It's one of my favorite songs by them, and is also one of there most creative as far as attention video content creativity. Eait it up.