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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A 50-lb Blob Available on Ebay

For those of you who have written me wanting to know where to get a blob, here is a 50-lb Blob available on ebay.

Click Here


Gripmas Carol Grip Contest Results

You can see how the Gripmas contest panned out by clicking the link below. Check back soon for another installment of Grip Strength Radio where we cover the details of what went down in Crooksville, Ohio, last weekend, and I'll be posting plenty of highlight reels.

Gripmas Results


Bamboo Crazy Plate Press

This is one of the latest offerings from Elite.

Not sure what the attachment is, exactly on the bar, but you can do a very similar variation with just bands wrapped around the sleeves with weights hanging from the bands.

Throw some bands and hang some weights from the bar next time you press and it will humble you like the Iron Sheik.


Gripmas Bending

At Gripmas I successfully bent a 6-inch Bastard bar. This puts me at #2 all time on David Horne's reverse bending list.

Check it out HERE.

Reverse bending used to be the way that everyone got their nails started. Nowadays, most people start them double overhand, and do not develop their reverse technique very much.

I cover how to perform the reverse technique in my Nail Bending eBook, as well as ways to strengthen your wrists to increase your reverse bending power, and ways to prevent injury in this technique.

It can all be found right here.


P.S. there is still time to take advantage of the deal that everyone is talking about. Buy the Nail Bending eBook for $39.97 and also buy $39.97 in Fat Bastard Barbell Stock, and you get $10 off both orders. Christmas is the deadline, so act fast if you've been putting it off.

Nail Bending eBook

Powerfest Updates

I just made some updates on the PowerFest page. These ones are related to information on the Farmers and the Truck Pull.

Check it out here