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Monday, December 31, 2007

Grip Strength Radio is Coming Along

We are steadily adding posts to Check it out, you'll see the posts covering the Gripmas Carol Grip Strength contest.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Inch Training Article

The most frustrating thing about the Inch Dumbbell is the rotation that takes place when you try to lift it and tears right out of your grasp. In this article, I talk about how to reduce the rotation of the dumbbell in order to increase time under tension with it in your hand.

Inch Dumbbell Training - Reducing Rotation.


Cert Updates from John Beatty

These are some of the latest additions to the Fat bastard Records Lists:


    DEREK GRAYBILL PUTS UP A STACK OF CERTS - square CRS, stainless, bolt, 2" vbar!






To see more, check out theFat Bastard Barbell website.


Jesse Marunde - ESPN Article

Please take a moment to read this article about a great strongman competitor and stand-up guy that the world lost too soon, Jesse Marunde.

Jesse Marunde

Thanks to Scott and Rick for pointing this out to me.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Gripper Calibrating

I plan on doing a bit of Gripper calibrating over the next couple of weeks or so to see where my grippers stand. I did a little bit tonight, but don't want to post as I have not gotten a weight for my strap and attachments.

In case you are interested, here is a similar design of calibrator to which I am using. I have referenced this set-up in a couple of the Grip Strength Radio shows.

Dave Morton's Redneck Gripper Calibrator.

Tom Black's Gripper Force & Torque Article

GripperHell's Calibration Results.

Check back soon for details on what I come up with in my gripper calibration exploits.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Adam T Glass - Youtube

Keep an eye on Adam T. Glass. He has written innovative articles and produced interesting training videos. And he recently contacted IronMind about certification for bending the Red Nail.

Check out his tube right here: Adam T. Glass.

Good luck with the cert, brother.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Use for Resistance Bands

From the innovative mind of Smitty, here are Explosive GHR's, incorporating JumpStretch Bands:


Napalm's New Post on PWP

Can Youtube help a wrestler's career? You be the judge.

Pro Wrestling Pundit


Happy Holidays from Diesel Crew

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa. Here are some gems of exercises for you to try on this festive day.

Dip Shrugs

Ultimate Two Minute Shoulder Warm-up Complex

Straight Leg Sit-ups

Jouka Ahola Hangs

Band Resisted Press

Remember, most of Smitty's videos include a mini-article over to the right under the description on the actual youtube page. Click inside the video pane and it should take you to the youtube page. If you don't see much in the description, click "more" and the mini-article will appear.

Check those videos out on youtube, subcribe to his videos, rate them, and then get your ass back here and comment.


P.S. I messed up my last post. Below it should say that Goody levered a 12-pound hammer. That dude's got some skills, brothers.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Goody's on the Comeback Trail

Goody's been having some wrist and hand issues lately, and by the looks he is finally getting it back to near 100%.

Goody levered an 8-lb hammer at the World Series of Grip back last March and it was no problem. If he can stay injury free, I think he can do very well in the 07-08 Grip season.

Check out His Blog, Cinder Block Hands.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Excuses only get you so far

The next time you feel like missing a workout, or try using an excuse for why you are not meeting your goals, come back to Napalm's Corner and watch this video of Derek Poundstone. He'll get your ass back on track.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Adam Glass Kicking The Red Nail's Ass

Adam Glass isn't messing around. Any 7-inch Red Nail he sees he destroys and now he's tired of them and moving on to 6-inchers.

IronMind Red Nail certification should be coming very soon.

Check out his page -, then go eat some steak.


Coach Spray Highlights

One of Coach Spray's latest videos.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Melbourne Australia Grip Contest

I know a good percentage of the readers of my blog are from Australia so i want to make sure everyone knows about this Grip contest:

Victorian Grip Challenge 2008

Date: 2nd March 2008
Venue: Melbourne University, Parkville

Entry fee: $20

Qualifying standard: Must be able to MMS close CoC#1.

-> Ironmind RT (standard grip - NO thumblessness)
-> CoC#1 Straphold with 2.5kg weight
-> Euro 2HP
-> LGC V-bar

-> Farmers timed hold (a stand alone event)

-Men 1st place $150 + trophy
-Men 2nd place $100 + trophy
-Men 3rd place $50 + trophy
-Most determined male lifter medal (discretionary award)

-Women 1st place $150 + trophy
-Women 2nd place $100 + trophy
-Women 3rd place $50 + trophy
-Most determined female lifter medal (discretionary award)
-Farmers Timed Hold Prize.

In addition there'll be a playtime session afterwards during which I'll do a unbraced bending demo session (DO, DU, reverse) and make available some freebie beginners stock, pads, etc for budding bendalohics.



New Bending Page

Smitty has been working his ass off bringing a lot of our pages up to the next level. Here is the Bending Page that he just showed who's boss.

Bending Page

If you've ever enjoyed any of the designs on the website guys, ya gotta direct these props to the man, Smitty. Dude's got serious skills and will not rest until something looks the way he wants it to.

Nice work, Smitty. Thanks for your craftsmanship with the site.


Speed Bag Duet

Check out the progression of Skunk and his lady over the last year in their tandem hitting.

April '07

May '07

December '07

Keep up the good work, you two!


Gripmas Carol Contest Videos

These are the videos from some of the events and the feats of strength done after the contest. These are from the Gripmas Carol Grip Contest organized by Chris Rice and held in Crooksville Ohio on December 9th.

Josh Dale on the Grippers

Various Competitors on the European Adjustable Pinch Apparatus

My World Record Pinch Attempt

My Reverse Bends

The Sickest Medley - Dave Thornton

Various Feats of Strength

My Double Original Blob Deadlift


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A 50-lb Blob Available on Ebay

For those of you who have written me wanting to know where to get a blob, here is a 50-lb Blob available on ebay.

Click Here


Gripmas Carol Grip Contest Results

You can see how the Gripmas contest panned out by clicking the link below. Check back soon for another installment of Grip Strength Radio where we cover the details of what went down in Crooksville, Ohio, last weekend, and I'll be posting plenty of highlight reels.

Gripmas Results


Bamboo Crazy Plate Press

This is one of the latest offerings from Elite.

Not sure what the attachment is, exactly on the bar, but you can do a very similar variation with just bands wrapped around the sleeves with weights hanging from the bands.

Throw some bands and hang some weights from the bar next time you press and it will humble you like the Iron Sheik.


Gripmas Bending

At Gripmas I successfully bent a 6-inch Bastard bar. This puts me at #2 all time on David Horne's reverse bending list.

Check it out HERE.

Reverse bending used to be the way that everyone got their nails started. Nowadays, most people start them double overhand, and do not develop their reverse technique very much.

I cover how to perform the reverse technique in my Nail Bending eBook, as well as ways to strengthen your wrists to increase your reverse bending power, and ways to prevent injury in this technique.

It can all be found right here.


P.S. there is still time to take advantage of the deal that everyone is talking about. Buy the Nail Bending eBook for $39.97 and also buy $39.97 in Fat Bastard Barbell Stock, and you get $10 off both orders. Christmas is the deadline, so act fast if you've been putting it off.

Nail Bending eBook

Powerfest Updates

I just made some updates on the PowerFest page. These ones are related to information on the Farmers and the Truck Pull.

Check it out here


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Zach Ruffo - New Platform Set-up

Zach continues to impress.


IM Red Nail Reverse, New Bending Site, Gripmas 2007

This video is the time I first bent an IronMind Red Nail. If I remember correctly, it was August 2004, and it was one of the first times someone kinked it with the reverse technique and then finished it off for the full bend.

Nowadays most people bend reds and above with a Double Overhand technique, but I feel with some practice and the right know-how, people can do them with the Reverse Style.

My Bending eBook can help you out there: Bending eBook. Remember, if you order my book and $39.97 worth of Fat Bastard Stock you get $10 bucks off each order.

I originally hoped to have this up before the Gripmas Carol contest that I competed in this past weekend, but I was unable to log in during my travels. Here is a link for you to download the mp3 to our Grip Strength Radio installment where we talk about what might go on at Gripmas. In a day or so, I hope to have the follow-up radio show re-capping what went down.

Gripmas Carol Pre-show

All the best,


Monday, December 03, 2007


If you haven't gotten your copy of the chaos manual yet, you need to check the video out. Smitty pretty much put all 9 years we have been training together into one manual for some of the sickest and most advanced strength techniques you can find.

Check out the website at


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Smitty's Latest Articles

Several New Articles up on the Diesel site!

Jim Smith, CSCS - Dynamic Sledge Warm Up

Jim Smith, CSCS - Core Statics - Quick Exercise

Jim Smith, CSCS - Knife Game

Jim Smith, CSCS - Corporate Strength - Knowledge Management

Jim Smith, CSCS - Static Postural Assessments


Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Zach Ruffo Video from the Archives

Here is a Zach Ruffo video that I have never seen before. I was just trying to figure this hit out the other day and was unable, but you can bet I'll keep on trying.

Bringing it to you here at Napalm's Corner.


Alan Kahn on the Speed Bag...Again

This is how good Alan Kahn, the Speed Bag King, is. He has never practiced this song before and he is able to play the beat perfectly on the speed bag.

This guy is the pioneer of speed bag training. Leave him a comment on and subscribe to his videos!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Upcoming Grip Contests

On December 9th, there will be two big grip contests going on. One is The Gripmas Charol, promoted by Chris Rice and takes place in Ohio. This contest will feature many of the top grip athletes in the eastern United States. I am going down to give it a try. To find out more, check out the Grip Contests section of the The Gripboard

Also, Alastair "BIG AL" Christie and Mike Daly will be promoting the Perth Grip Strength Challenge. Find out more HERE

The Adjustable Pinch set-up will be used at both contests. Will the record of 112.1kg fall on this colossal day of Grip? Stay tuned in two weekends' time...


New Diesel Videos

Swiss Ball Push-ups

45 Degree Shrugs

Plate Pinch Progression

Band Resisted Rack Pulls


Monday, November 26, 2007

Reg Park has Passed

I'd like to take a moment and pay my respects to Reg park, who has recently passed.

Click this link to learn about who Reg Park was.


New Inch Dumbbell Article at STTB

My next installment on training for the Inch Dumbbell is up. Find out how to modify the load and speed of your repetitions to increase your thick bar strength.

Check it out at Straight to the Bar.


What are the little icons at the bottom of each post?

Some of you have written wondering the little icons are at the bottom of each post. These icons are for social bookmarking. The way it works is if you like a post on the blog, here, just click on one of the icons and it will automatically link you to the corresponding bookmarking website. Examples are,,, and There you can write a review of it and it will be posted for all the members of that site to see.

Many of my posts are centered around Grip Strength. I encourage you to click these links and reference my posts on these pages. Adding them there may get new faces to the blog, and this may in fact help build the sport of Grip.

You will have to sign up for each site, so feel free to click on each of the links and do so.

I appreciate your help in spreading the word!


Circuit for Grapplers

This is one of Smitty's latest videos showing an outstanding circuit for Grapplers. You'll see the only equipment needed is an army duffel with sand in it. Simple equipment, simple routine, outstanding results.

1A Sandbag Getups
2A Sandbag Clean & Press
3A Sandbag Military Press
4A Sandbag Shoulder Squat
5A Sandbag Lunges
6A Sandbag Torso Rotations
7A Sandbag Good Mornings
8A Sandbag Front Squats
9A Sandbag Pullthroughs

Ways to increase the intensity of the circuit:
- perform more runs through the circuit
- perform more reps for each exercise in the circuit
- increase the weight of the sandbag
- decrease the rest time between runs
- increase the tempo (duration of concentric or eccentric phases)

Smitty covers simple training and complex circuits like this one in his Building the Ultimate MMA Athlete. Check it out!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mark Felix - 300 Pounds

Mark Felix has now lifted 300 pounds on the Rolling Thunder.

According to IronMind News, "while Mark’s lift on this clip is not official, it certainly shows how incredibly strong he is on this lift."


Friday, November 23, 2007

Grip Videos for Coaches

Strength Coaches,

Here are a few more grip exercises for you to try with your teams.

Around the World Plate Pinch

Timed Holds with the Sorinex G-Rex

Sledge Hammer Finger Walks

Keep checking back routinely for more Grip Strength exercises to add to your programs!


Increasing Isometric Strength for MMA

Increasing Isometric Strength for MMA

Smitty's latest post on the Q&A section.

Click here to see some ways to increase performance in MMA using odd objects and more.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chris Mathison - Gripper Closes

Chris Mathison recently hooked a brutha up with a "Glob." A "Glob" is a dumbbell head cut from a globe-style dumbbell. It was from half a 60-pounder. Quite the challenging Griplement.

Chris tells me he has recently lifted his Glob and will posting the video soon. In the meantime, check him out getting it done with the COC #3 - Very shallow sets with the #3 with a credit card. Closes it or comes very very close multiple times in this video.

Chris is looking like he's just about ready for Captain-of-Crush certification!

In case you didn't notice, Chris was sporting one of the Light Blue Diesel Spine Shirt. Thanks for representing Grip DIESEL-style.

To get a DIESEL shirt of your own, click HERE.


Holiday Specials from

Alan Thomas is a dedicated sponsor of our yearly Global Grip Challenge. Here are his APT Pro Gear Holiday Specials

SEVERAL options for F-R*E*E Gear & up to 20% savings depending on the option you pick.

To make this easy, simply use the links below for the special that you are most interested in.

These specials run through the ENTIRE Holiday Season. You may want to print this or save it in a good spot.

Let your lifting buddies know, the specials are NOW ACTIVE.

Contact APT if you want to post this in a Forum or Board for us. Contact APT Pro Gear 1st before posting.

Get Dirt Cheap Prices on some products being discontinued

Super Super Sale on several products that we have LOTS of

20% off Gift Coupon, use any time or give as a gift.

Discount Codes:
WRAPS for a F-R-E-E set of 12" Wrist Wraps & 15% off OR
STRAPS for a F-R-E-E set of Basic Lifting Straps & 15% off OR
WBANDS for a F-R-E-E set of Wrist Wrap Bands & 15% off OR
ESLEEVE for a F-R-E-E set of APT Elbow Sleeves & 15% off OR
NSLEEVE for a F-R-E-E set of APT Knee Sleeves & 15% off
15% off is off of your ENTIRE order total minus shipping

PLUSA Powerlifting USA Mag ad Promo CODE Special

Buy ONE get ONE F*R-E-E Wrist Wraps any length & design

Straight 20% off on all orders over $100
Use the Discount Code of SPECIAL20 (one word)
Thanks for your support & Happy Holiday Shopping,
Alan P. Thomas
CEO, APT Inc. Pro Gear
CPL, USMC 1991-1995

New Diesel Grip Videos

Here are some GRIP STRENGTH videos for you to feast on, freshly uploaded to the EliteFTS demo gallery:

Block Weight Tossing for Dynamic Effort Grip Training

Pinch Grip Fundamentals - Plate Pinching


New Section on STTB - Kirby's Korner

Here are some recent articles featured at

Kirby's Korner - November 2007

Kirby's Korner is a new Q & A with Personal Trainer, Jason Kirby. This month, some of what he covers includes: What are the real benefits of outdoor training? What makes a good warm-up? When are you ready to start playing with the heavy stuff?

Have you got a question you would like to ask a personal trainer? Shoot it over to Jason. Click HERE to shoot him an email.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Diesel Holiday Special

From now until Christmas day, when you buy the Diesel Nail Bending eBook for $39.97 AND buy the same value of Fat Bastard Barbell Company Bending Stock, you get $10 back from both companies.

You can order the Diesel Nail Bending eBook HERE.

You can pick up your Fat Bastard Bending Stock HERE.

Now is the time to get started with your BENDING ADDICTION.

Remember, you MUST buy the Bending eBook AND $39.97 worth of bending stock at the same time to qualify!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Spray Series Video

The Spray Series - New Video!

EJ shows some new sick training in this new video!

ME Bench Workout
Chaos Bench Warm-up with Kettlebells and Bands

Heavy DB Benching

Banded Pull-ups

Some classic Diesel sled dragging combinations, with some new ones from EJ!

Subscribe to their Youtube channel today - Click Here


Sled Drag & Sandbag Combo

Check out this killer Sled Drag / Sandbag Carry combination from Mike at!

Here's the video link: Please right click, save target as.

Our Sled Dragging Manual is packed with innovative training ideas like these. Check it out at the Diesel Crew site.


Chaos Manual

As you may know, Smitty has produced an excellent Strength and Conditioning manual called Chaos Training. It is essentially a run down of how we have trained in the 8 years we have known one another.

Jim Wendler, of, has written a review of this product, here, so please check it out.

I'll also add that I appreciate the comments Jim Wendler makes at the beginning of this write-up, as it's hard to believe our meeting had that much of an effect on him. I have to say the feeling is mutual.

Jim Wendler's Chaos Training Review


Truth about Steroids has a good interview with Dr. Charles Yesalis on Steroids. Will they really shrink your nuts forever? Let's find out.

Playing With Steroids - A Chat with Dr. Charles Yesalis


New Article by Adam Glass

Adam T Glass has put together a nice article on two seemingly separate types of training protocols - Kettlebells and Nail Bending. True, at first they do seem like two totally unrelated methodologies, but after reading, you will understand how much they compliment one another in power production, mental preparedness and of course, forearm strength.

Check out the article here.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Smitty Snatches the 115 Pound Kettlebell

At the Total Performance Sports Big Seminar, Smitty snatched a 115 pound Kettlebell with no problem. The feat is mixed in with other footage from the training session the night before the seminar. Here's the video:


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mark Felix - On His Way to 300lbs

You have seen the progress Mark Felix has been making on the Rolling Thunder Deadlift Handle. Hailing from Grenada, the title of the first man to ever lift 300 lbs on the implement may fall very soon. Here, he gives 293 pounds a ride.


Gaining Bodyweight - PR's at the Table?

Max Misch has penned an interesting piece on muscle gain at Straight To The Bar.

Setting PR's (personal records) at the dinner table? It all makes sense.


Friday, November 09, 2007

First, Latest and Oldest COC

Richard Sorin, the first man to earn the title Captain of Crush, has also become the latest and the oldest to meet the requirements for the milestone. He has just closed a brand new out of the package #3 gripper with a credit card set.

Check out the news headline at the IronMind site.

Congratulations to Richard Sorin!


Not sure what this is Gripper stuff is all about? Check out my article series at, called Straight to the Grip Contest.

Or check out the entire series wrapped up in one article at The Articles Section.

New Diesel Site

Announcing the Spray Series!
    "It is an online community for coaches and athletes of all ages and levels to come and find information and advice on all aspects of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning. With some of the top strength coaches from across the country contributing valuable training insight it is our desire that the Spray Series become one of the leading resources for the sharing of knowledge and ideas for the benefit of your athletes and training programs so that they may be taken to new levels."

    - Jason Spray MS, CSCS, SCCC, USAW -

Click here to check out Team Spray's New Site!

Ask Team Spray a question about strength and conditioning for football, basketball or any other sport - and get your question answered on the site! Coach Spray Q&A

Subscribe to Team Spray's Youtube Channel that is loaded with some of the most intense strength training footage you've ever seen!

Team Spray

Jason Spray

Jason serves as the director of Strength and Conditioning at Middle Tennessee State University for the Men's basketball program.

EJ Leverette

E.J. is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders Men's Basketball and Football teams.

Drew Shea

Drew is a Certified Athletic Trainer responsible for Middle Tennessee State University's Men's basketball team.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Does Zach Need to See?

Does Zach Ruffo even need to see the bag in order to hit it like a phenom?

Hell no!

Check this out!



Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Grip Strength Videos for Coaches

Like I have often said, in order to develop your athlete's grip strength, you do not necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars. Really, all you need is an open mind and some spare equipment to utilize in the gym.

Adjustable Hub Lifting

This is another simple set-up. All you need is a weight plate with a decent hub on it, some rope or strong string, a nail or rod, and some other micro-loading plates.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Latest Post on the Pundit - Chris Jericho Dot Dot Dot

Is Chris Jericho on his way back to the WWE roster? We've got the scoop for you at The Pro Wrestling Pundit.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Backyard Bastard Bash Results on FBBC Site

John Beatty, from FBBC has posted the full results for the 2007 Backyard Bastard Bash Grip Competition.

Click here to read John's Write-up


Grip Strength Videos for Coaches


Here is one way you can work Grip strength into the routine for your athletes.

Towel RDL's

This exercise is very simple to set up. Just take a towel and loop it or twist it over the bar. The towels will act as your handle. Now perform RDL's.

If you play a bat / stick/ or racket sport, this is a great exercise to train the grip in the position of your sport. Now throw in some wrist posturing and extension exercises and you are all set.


Building Your Grip for the Farmer's Walk

Here is one of the latest posts on the website from Smitty.

The topic is building Grip strength for the Farmer's Walk, a common event at Strongman competitions. Check it out - it's on point.

Building the Grip for the Farmer's Walk

Image source: HERE.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gripboards Records List Additions

The following athletes have accomplished Record Lists. Congratulations!

IM 3.5

Aaron Corcorran
Teemu Ilvesniemi First to Credit Card Set & TNS Set

Double Blob Deadlift

Chad Woodall

Inch Replica Deadlift

Martin Ressel (Martinch)

IM #2

Kevin McFadden

50lb Blob

Bob Sundin (odin)

Double 45 Hub lift

Mitch Mobley
Charles Robbins


Matti Heiskanen
Bob Sundin (odin)
Ryan Klein - witnessed by Jedd at Michigan Grip 2007


Dave Juma
Ryan Klein - witnessed by Jedd at Michigan Grip 2007
Bob Sundin (Odin)
John Eaton
Sean Dockery

IM #3 with Both Hands

Teemu Ilvesniemi
Jedd Johnson

Two 45’s Pinch

Aaron Corcorran
Ryan Klein
Matti Heiskanen "kilkkinen"

Captains of Crush

Wes Peart
Teemu Ilvesniemi


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Why You Should Buy My Bending eBook

As many of you know, I sell an ebook on how to bend nails. If you'd like to check out the site it is

Some beginners have written and asked me why they should buy my bending ebook. They want to know what they can get out of it. I thought I would take a moment to mention why I think my bending ebook is a good purchase for you.

First off, in the Nail Bending eBook, I cover all of the major bending techniques: Double Overhand (DO), Double Underhand (DU), and Reverse (R) styles. I cover the step-by-step movements and pressures that must be formed and applied to the nails with these techniques in order to bend some of the biggest nails, bolts, and stock on the planet. DO, DU, and Reverse are the most common techniques used of unbraced style. But I don't stop there, I also cover lesser-known techniques, such as Slim Style, a technique done by Slim "The Hammerman" Farman, Vertical Style, and Heslep Style, a technique used by an up-and-coming strongman performer, Tommy Heslep. The techniques are explained in common language and are accompanied by still-frames, showing you how to do them yourself. I do not know of any bending reference material available that goes in this detail.

Second, the Bending eBook includes a 60-page exercise index that will help you build the strength necessary to start your bending career safely, and to continually build strength without having to bend all the stock you have in your house. Each exercise is accompanied by pictures, once again, so that you can more easily visualize how to do them. Whether you train alone, or in a group you will understand how to do these exercises safely in order to build your base strength and avoid injury.

Third, the Bending eBook includes a complete ramp-up schedule for beginner benders. As I detail in my book, I had a severe case of epicondylitis in both elbows when I first started bending because I did waaay too much for my conditioning level. Bending is addictive. I've heard of athletes running out of stock to bend and then running all over their house looking for other perfectly good items,like screwdrivers, to bend. I show you how to pace yourself and gradually increase workload to keep yourself healthy and not interfere in the rest of your workout routine. Most athletes who buy the eBook train in other aspects of strength and can not afford to miss their other workouts due to inflammation and pain. That's why I put this section in the book.

Guys, those are just three reasons why you should pick up my Bending eBook, and there are hundreds more within. Now you could be like me and take five years to really understand what you are doing, or you can check out my eBook. I know you will be satisfied with it.

Check it out Here.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PowerFest Entry Forms

The PowerFest 2008 entry forms for the Strongman contest and the Bench Press meet are now posted at

Dowload them and get yours sent in ASAP. Make a post on the blog confirming you are in!

New Certs added on FBBC

Check out the new 2" V-bar Certs at Fat Bastard Barbell Company!

Cert List Page

If you have a certification to report, email John Beatty.


Zach Ruffo - Sick Side Hitting Speed


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Mark Felix - 282.5 lbs on the Rolling Thunder

Yesterday I posted 260. That's nothing - check this out.


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mark Felix - 260lb Rolling Thunder Lift

This is Mark Felix, of Grenada, lifting 260 pounds on the IronMind Rolling Thunder Deadlift Handle.


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

2008 Williamsport PowerFest

Who is the most powerful S.O.B.? Let's find out!

Dave Bellomo, from and Jedd Johnson and Jim Smith of the Diesel Crew will work together to promote the first annual Williamsport Powerfest on January 27,2008 in Williamsport PA.

This spectacular event will hold a strongman contest, a bench press contest, among other countless booths and side performers.

The Diesel Crew will be promoting the strongman contest. There will be 5 events:
    Log Press for Reps
    Farmer's Hold for time
    Axle Deadlift for Reps
    Sandbag Carry for Distance
    Truck Pull
Who will be the PowerFest champion?

Check out The PowerFest Blog!

For more information, email Jedd, or visit or for more info.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grip Strength Radio

A project that has been in development for over a year is coming to fruition very soon. Grip Strength Radio.

We will be covering everything from the development of grip strength for athletics to the developments in the sport of grip. Got questions on grip, email now and we will cover your questions on an upcoming show. Got a feat you are proud of? Take video, upload it and we may discuss it on Grip Strength Radio. Got a grip-related product? let us know and we will review it.

Click on the image or link to go to the page and sign up for the RSS feed right now!

Also, make sure you are signed up for our Grip Strength newsletter below. Enter your email address and make sure you fill in the check mark for the Grip Strength newsletter.

Don't miss the latest
videos, article additions and innovative
Grip Strength, Strongman, and Fitness ideas!!


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2007 World's Strongest Man Write-up

In 2004, I competed against Dave Ostlund in a grip contest. I finished ahead of him. I won't say I beat him, because he actually did a full strongman training routine during the contest. I just got a better score than him at the end of the contest.

He recently did a report on the goings on at the 2007 World's Strongest Man. Check it out at ChasingKaz:

Chasing Kaz - 2007 WSM Report by Dave Ostlund

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The latest from APT Pro Wrist Straps

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Advanced Kettlebell Techniques

There are lots of great instructional eBooks, manuals, and DVD's on how to get started with kettlebells.

Some of you are sick of that shit.

You need something more to get your workout going.

You need the resistance to be high and the effort to be immense.

You're tired of the same old high-rep stuff. If you do another boring old swing, you're going puke.

Go for the Diesel Crew's Advanced Kettlebell Techniques eBooks.

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile strength and fitness instruments. But why limit yourself to light weights? Admit it - you are sick of all that. Jack it up boys and girls!

This is some of the stuff I am talking about.

This is the kind of stuff you need to get your workouts intense again.

Diesel Crew's Advanced Kettlebell Techniques eBooks

You'll love the stuff we put in them. Believe me.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Superhuman Strength - The Truck Pull

Analysis of a Truck Pull, featuring Mark Phillippi, WSM competitor, and David Sandler, from StrengthPro. This clip was featured on the show Superhuman Strength, on the Discovery Channel. This clip analyzes the technique of the truck pull with extraordinary advanced technology, monitoring the mechanics of the body and breathing during the pull.


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Why Torre Left - Straight from the Source


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Diesel Crew Grippers

Gripper work from a workout a few weeks back. Check out the power of Eli on the #3. I was trying to pry his fingers open and he just kept on crushing the thing.

Try it out the next time you work grippers.


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Friday, October 19, 2007

Backyard Bastard Bash 2007 Grip Contest Write-up

Again this year, John Beatty out-did himself with the 2007 Backyard Bastard Bash Grip contest. John is the owner of Fat Bastard Barbell Company, and puts the contest on every year. John’s facility is awesome for a Grip contest. Here's my run down.

Before the contest I made sure to check out the grippers, something I did not do last year. Most of the grippers that were used were Aaron Corcorran's RGC calibrated grippers, which was excellent. You could be confident that every thing lined up the right way and extra grippers were only thrown in a couple times for things under the 3's. Like I said, I pre-squeezed the grippers lefty and decided I would start at the elites. When Aaron and Chad started out at 3.5 and SE, I knew I was not going to place first in this event. They both murdered them. I decided to start out at the middle elite, which I set and closed so quick I could feel a hard close. I was very surprised. Next, I jumped up to the 3.5. I have been getting very close on mine and decided I better go for it, in case it was a bit easier than mine. The numbers Aaron provided didn't mean much to me as I have not calibrated any of my grippers with an RGC. John said I was about 1/8th inch away. I considered trying it again, but I stayed safe instead and dropped down for the hard elite that was right below the 3.5 and I got it with a fight. Not sure where that placed me.

Next event was bending. My best beforehand was a 7-inch Edgin at Michigan, so I started out with that. I knew I couldn't be too cautious with the way Klein and Corcorran were bending. Chad also had said that he was working his ass off on grippers for the last month, but I didn't know exactly what that meant. I got the Edgin in about 19 seconds. I have really found a good wrap thickness now. My next was a 6-inch Edgin, trying to match Aaron. I should have had it but it was far too off center for me to crush down. I'll post a picture - pretty severe. I was quite pissed when I didn't finish it, because I know I could have had it. For my last bend I cut down a 6.5-inch Edgin and got that puppy, so I tied for second with 3 others on that one.

7-inch Edgin

6-inch Edgin Attempt

Next was the medley. Lots of guys had trouble with the 45-pound York. It was very slick and dusty, but i got it on the first try. I also got the baby inch with no problem. I had a pace going where I was hitting one left and then one right, which worked out good until the 172 inch. I was synced in to lift it righty and it slipped out of my hand twice. I heard doc call 10 something seconds when I set down the baby inch. I missed the 172 righty twice and then got it on the box lefty on the first try. So in hindsight I should have hit the inch lefty off the bat. Not sure I could have taken the extra step to my right to get my left hand positioned on it, grip and lift the inch and place it in time to beat Chad though. His time of 12 seconds was sickening. Unbelievable athlete he is.


Next was the 2-inch Vertical Bar. In training, my best lift was in the 230-240 range. My bar just won't take any chalk. The one at the contest took it well, and I was successful on my first attempt. Then I think I missed my next two, if I remember correctly - everything gets a little fuzzy at that point. I think I got 235 and missed 255 twice. Took a chance and it didn't pay off, I know that for sure.

Next was the axle. In training, I thought I was lifting about 335 for my best. I did not think that the axle is actually heavier than the normal bar though, so I must have miss judged it. I will eventually weigh my axle, but right now I have no scale here at my house. I took lots of good warm ups to see what I could lift quick to my knee and figured I would start in with my first pull at 375. I got that no problem and then missed 395 twice. I skipped 285 because I knew it wasn't going to do any good to lift it and thought maybe if I got 395 I could slip in between Chad and Ryan if one of them made a mistake. The strategy did me no good though, as both of them out lifted me. Ryan nearly got 450 pounds on that sucker. That is just ridiculous.

Axle Event - Miscellaneous Athletes

Finally, we did the Hercules hold. At this point I was tied for 2nd with Aaron Corcorran. I may have been tied with others as well, as I heard that later on, but I knew I was definitely tied with Aaron. Aaron pulled number one in the blond drawing at the beginning of the show, so his mark of 1:02 or so was my goal. I am confident my right hand had it for sure, but my left choked on my and the handle ripped out of my hand at the 52 second mark. I really liked the Hercules hold. Smitty and I have talked about doing that in GGC for years but we don't have a good set up for it. Maybe next year.

Hercules Hold

As always the feats following the contest were amazing. We began with flips with the 50kg Kettlebell. I got some forward flips, some back flips and some side forward flips. I tried the patented double forward flip but it was a no go. I pulled my groin on the last one so I let it go after that.

John Eaton broke out his hard scale weights and I finally figured out what I have been doing wrong on that feat. I was placing my thumb on the thumb handle last all this time, trying to pinch the two together. Finally I dug my thumb in first, wrapped my fingers last and was able to better support it and cleaned it.

Feats of Strength


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One-arm Dumbbell Shrugs

Increase the range of motion through which you work your traps with one-arm dumbbell shrugs, just one of the dozens of exercise Smitty has posted on the website.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A note from Steve Slater - Slater Stone molds

I just got a note from Steve Slater about an exciting show that will soon be on tv:

    Hello everyone, our world record stones may be on this show. Either way it should be interesting.

    Thanks, Steve

    Monday Oct 22nd

    BASE Productions and National Geographic Channel are proud to announce the
    upcoming air date of its newest program, "Super Strength".

    National Geographic Presents: Super Strength
    Monday, October 22, 2007. 10:00 PM

    We call them Super Human. And they can do the impossible:

    Shatter stacks of concrete with the skull, fists, and forearms.
    Bend solid steel wrenches by hand.
    Roll a kitchen skillet up like a newspaper.
    Tear a 2000-page phonebooks in half.
    Hammer a nail by hand.
    Lift huge stone balls and pull massive trucks.
    Thrust a quarter-ton barbell into the air.
    And even hold screaming motorcycles in place with upper body strength alone.

    SUPER STRENGTH takes seemingly impossible feats of human strength and breaks
    them down into their vital components; revealing the extraordinary ability
    of some of the strongest men on the planet.

    Leading physiologists, bio-mechanists, and engineers join SUPER STRENGTH to
    determine the secrets of their ability and answer the most basic question
    about super strength:**How is it possible for a man to do this, and what
    does this mean for the rest of us?

    BASE Productions, and National Geographic Channel invite you on an action
    packed, adrenaline filled hour, into the secrets of SUPER STRENGTH.


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Article at Straight to the bar

Have you ever wondered: What is the hardest gripper? Where do my grippers lie? What grippers can I get to bridge the gap between what I am closing now and my goal gripper? If you have, then click the link below to check out my latest article on Straight to the Bar:



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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Strongman Equipment for sale (Re-Post)

My friend tells me that his equipment is still for sale. Please email me if you are interested. NONE of this is my stuff. Prices are listed for each item, or you can get the whole thing for $1500! Unbelievable collection for a fraction of the price he paid for it, I'm sure.

    "Atlas stones - I can't remember the exact weights but I know I am within 10lbs, they are as follows:

    180lbs $90

    269lbs $ 130

    280lbs $ 140

    313lbs $150

    339lbs $160

    350lbs $170

    405lbs $200

    Hussafell Stone, around 300lbs $150

    265lb Sand Bag $25

    Full set of platforms for the stones built according to the WSM heights $500

    Dead lift patforms for lifting the stones off of so the ground is level, there are two $150 each


    500lbs $25

    870lbs $25

    1100lbs $25

    1600lbs $25

    Beer Kegs:

    6 old style kegs full of cement, great for loading or dragging, I cemented a metel rod eith a ring on the end in the keg with the ring fitting flush in the bung so you can attach a clip to the ring for dragging events, multiple kegs can be attached together. $50 each

    4 new style kegs, I have altered them so you can adjust the weight easily with a plug at the top and they seal air tight $25 each

    Oxygen cylinders, I got these with the intention of making farmers walkers but never got around to it $25 each

    12" Stainless Steel Pro Log, the log is 1/2 an inch thick and has 9" long loading areas on each side made of solid 2" steel, the log weighs 270lbs empty, this thing was expensive guys the steel alone cost a ton cause it is stainless $500 This log was built and used by a Pro Strongman, I purchased the log from him and let me tell you it is AWESOME.

    All of these items are PICK UP ONLY, I listed prices I thought were fair and on most of the stuff with the cost of the item new as well as the materials if took for me to build some of it I am taking a pretty big hit but like I said I hate to see it go to waste. "

Please email me for contact information.


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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Napalm on the Pundit

What do I have to say about Women's Wrestling in the WWE?

Who is the member of the WWE's ladies' roster that can bring legitimacy to women's wrestling?

Check it out at ProWrestlingPundit.


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Part II - Alan Kahn Interview

Alan Kahn put speed bag training on the map. Before Alan Kahn, there was no learning system, no terminology, just dudes punching a little pear shaped bag. Kahn is King in the speed bag world. If you are into speed bag training this interview series is for you!

August 2007 - Alan Kahn - The Speed Bag King - Part I

September 2007 - Alan Kahn - The Speed Bag King - Part II

This is the two-part series of the Alan Kahn interviews. Make sure you add them to your reading list. Don't miss out on this insight.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grip Gauntlet - Chad Woodall & Tex Henderson

At the end of July, Chad Woodall attempted Richard Sorin's Grip Gauntlet. Also Tex Henderson attempted the first credit card close of the #4. Below is the video.


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Monday, September 24, 2007

Legendary Strength

Keep your eye on this new site -! Click on the image above to check out Logan Christopher's new site, the Ultimate in Strength and Athleticism.


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Grade 2 Sale at FBBC

5/16 Grade 2 Bolts are on sale at FBBC. Via a recent post on the GripBoard from John beatty, FBBC owner:

    "$3 FOR 10 PC. Plus shipping. I have 6" & 5". This will run as long as the Horseshoe sale does."

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Zach Ruffo - Sideways Hitting

I had a feeling this was the way to transition from punching the front and back of the bag to punching the sides of the bag, but until this video, I could not actually see Zach doing it in his hitting techniques, just because he hits with such unbelievable speed. Here it is, how to get a side ways hitting sequence going with the speed bag.


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dave Juma - 3-25's

Dave Juma's got a big pinch him. Here, he does 3-25's the easiest I've ever seen, and he does it for multiple reps!


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Some Bent Press Videos

Here are a few bent press videos, for anyone who might be wondering how the movement is done.

Bob Hoffman from an old Strength and health picnic.

Bent Pressing the Beast

Anthony DiLuglio

Check out some of Anthony's extraordinary products to the right.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Awesome Videos at

Sorinex makes excellent and innovative equipment. I have seen it and tried it out myself.

Go to their site and check out the videos in their gallery highlighting some of what they offer.

Sorinex - Where Strength Begins


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Scale Weights

I've got a buddy that is looking to land some scale weights. If anybody would like to sell some or scrap some, please email me.

Image source = Theordore Gray.

Post-GGC 2007 Video

Following this year's Global Grip Challenge, the whole group came back to my house and did feats of strength. Is is by no means all of what took place, this is just what we got on film.

I dropped my camera, and it is really giving me troubles with the dark lighting, so you must bare with me on the video quality. But I am sure no one will be unhappy with the quality of the feats.

You will see some Inch Replica Lifting, half 115 hex block weight lifting, Scott George's 54-lb Blob (Original York Blob that tips the scale at 54 lbs). You'll also see Brendan Dwyer kill a 7-inch by 3/8ths round piece of brass with really thin padding, no problem!

It was a great time. Next time, everybody has to stay longer.

Incidentally one of the things that did not get on tape was Big Chad Woodall jumping up and grabbing the rim of my basketball hoop with two hands, not knowing that the base was not filled with anything to keep it upright. His 275-lb frame brought that thing down in a hurry and his body crashed down onto my concrete pad. He nearly broke his hip, and I was sure he broke his elbow, but he just smiled at the pain and iced it. What a tough son of a gun.


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Dick Hartzell - Elbow Treatments with Bands

Before, I posted a video of Dick Hartzell giving the run down on treatments for the wrist. Now, let's see what the Band Man has to offer us for the elbow.

Trust me, if you have elbow tenoditis/tendonosis/epicondylits, you want to try this set of band movements out.

Shop around!


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Need Information on Speed Bag Swivels?

The Speed Bag King, Alan Kahn, has put up a very informative page on the qualities of the various types of speed bag swivels. You gotta check it out!

Speed Bag Central - Swivels


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Respiratory Protection for Running?

Via Falling Leaves, should we be wearing respiratory protection when we are training? Next time I go out for a jog, should I get a Respro?

Actually, if you see me out running, you better go buy a lottery ticket. I haven't run on a road in years and don't plan to, but I know that there are plenty of readers who do run, and many in the city, where pollution is often a problem.

Check out Falling Leaves, and think it through - might be the best thing you've done for yourself in a while.


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Diesel Crew Classic Video


This is the video that showed that we are willing to do any exercise we want to in a commercial gym - The Plow Lift.

This lift is easy to put together - just throw a plate on one sleeve of a bar and tighten it with a collar. Grab the other sleeve and lever the weighted end up in the air.

This is one of our old Diesel Crew videos, and the quality is not quite as good as what we are putting out now, but you've got to remember that we started putting out videos back in 2003. Most people didn't even have capture cards in their computers then.

This is our first time ever doing this lift. I found out about it in an issue of MILO. We used a normal powerlifting bar with center knurling and the two reference point rings that are about half way between the smooth part and the sleeves. You'll see we put a piece of white athletic tape on the ring for reference. We started out putting our hands behind the tape, but when we couldn't lift it that way anymore, we started putting our hand in front.

Here it is. Please right click and "Save Target as..."

Diesel Crew Plow Lifting


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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Napalm' Latest Post on PWP

WWE employees are dropping like flies. The WWE has two choices to fill the voids in their roster. Who do I suggest to bring back? You'll just have to read for yourself at Pro Wrestling Pundit.

Click here to go right to the article.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Take care of your hands

If you train grip, you have to be very careful and take care of your hands, wrists and forearms. You must practice good hand health techniques. Here, Dick "The Band Man" Hartzell shows you how to keep the circulation strong in your lower arms and to keep the bones properly aligned in the wrist. He also shows you how to relieve the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome.

You should subscribe to Elite's video's right now, if you haven't already. Anything they put out will be good.

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