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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jericho Assaulted by a Fan

An overzealous fan reaches into Chris Jericho's car and ends up getting belted in the face for it by the heel wrestler from Canada.


Adam Glass - Impressive as Hell

Man, I love watching Adam Glass's videos.

In this one, he tears a deck of Bicycles wrapped in duct tape, not only around the center but also around the length of the cards. The duct tape looks like the strongest freaking military duct tape in the world. They can probably sue it to fortify tanks and giant cranes.

You gotta see this...


Friday, February 13, 2009

Diesel Newsletter Testimonial

Got this in my email the other day from a satisfied subscriber to our email newsletter.

    I love getting the diesel newsletters. I'm a bit short of funds, to purchase the books your offering. But I'm looking forward to the knowledge in store. I'm really concerned with core strength. I've been training to do a straight body front lever. My buddy does multiple sets of these, like he's breathing.
    Satisfied reader,
    P.S. - one legged squats kick my ass... I love training them, even though it's a bitch. Soon it won't be. Peace."
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Speaking of one-leg squats, here's avideo smitty recently put together that was sent out in our newsletter:


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Videos - How to Set a Gripper

Grippers are great for building hand strength and they are a staple in all Grip contests. To be competitive, you must learn how to set the gripper correctly.

I went through YouTube and found the best videos available on how to set a gripper.

Check these videos out and notice the similarities:

- where to place the gripper
- how to position the hand
- how to pull the handle in
- where the pinky finger needs to be
- and MORE!

I guarantee that many of you are setting the gripper incorrectly, because almost everybody does it wrong at first, including me when I first started.

These videos will show you how to set a gripper. You may notice a few differences in these techniques, but they are all great resources for you.

Paul Knight shows his method of setting the gripper:

John Eaton goes over his method:

Smitty shows the technique we have used for many years.

(This used to be a great instructional video until we were forced to put an audio track over it.)

Matt Brouse covers his technique:

Hopefully these videos help you out!

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