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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grip Strength Radio

A project that has been in development for over a year is coming to fruition very soon. Grip Strength Radio.

We will be covering everything from the development of grip strength for athletics to the developments in the sport of grip. Got questions on grip, email now and we will cover your questions on an upcoming show. Got a feat you are proud of? Take video, upload it and we may discuss it on Grip Strength Radio. Got a grip-related product? let us know and we will review it.

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2007 World's Strongest Man Write-up

In 2004, I competed against Dave Ostlund in a grip contest. I finished ahead of him. I won't say I beat him, because he actually did a full strongman training routine during the contest. I just got a better score than him at the end of the contest.

He recently did a report on the goings on at the 2007 World's Strongest Man. Check it out at ChasingKaz:

Chasing Kaz - 2007 WSM Report by Dave Ostlund

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The latest from APT Pro Wrist Straps

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Advanced Kettlebell Techniques

There are lots of great instructional eBooks, manuals, and DVD's on how to get started with kettlebells.

Some of you are sick of that shit.

You need something more to get your workout going.

You need the resistance to be high and the effort to be immense.

You're tired of the same old high-rep stuff. If you do another boring old swing, you're going puke.

Go for the Diesel Crew's Advanced Kettlebell Techniques eBooks.

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile strength and fitness instruments. But why limit yourself to light weights? Admit it - you are sick of all that. Jack it up boys and girls!

This is some of the stuff I am talking about.

This is the kind of stuff you need to get your workouts intense again.

Diesel Crew's Advanced Kettlebell Techniques eBooks

You'll love the stuff we put in them. Believe me.