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Friday, February 15, 2008

Jason Hadeed

I found out from Elite's newsletter that a well respected strength coach and trainer from Maryland, Jason Hadeed, was recently killed by gunfire and has left behind two children. There has been a fund set up for Jason's children. I am posting the info here, in case you desire to help.

The Jason Hadeed Children's Fund
6003 Loganwood Drive
Bethesda, Maryland 20852


Get Well Matt Kroczaleski

If you get the newsletter, then you saw that Matt Kroczaleski tore a thigh muscle during a recent squat workout. I'd like to take a moment and wish him well for a speedy recovery.

To get you caught up, here is his injury report.

Also, check out the video. Looks like it was a freaking great set too.

Keep your head up, Matt! All the best to ya.


New Site from the Scotland Grip Leaders

Big Al Christie just contacted us about his new site. Big Al recently held the Perth Grip Challenge and has other Grip contests on the way.

Grip is growing all over the globe. Let's keep it going.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Product Review: Gold's Gym Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

At Speed Bag Forums, Tim has posted an excellent review of the Gold's Gym Adjustable Speed Bag Platform. Really thorough!


Get in Touch with the Speed Bag Skunk


Monday, February 11, 2008

Latest Post on the Pundit

Is it possible that Dave "Fit" Finlay has become one of the top faces in the WWE? I couldn't believe it myself, but some of the readers of the Pro Wrestling Pundit seem to believe so. Click the image above to check it out.


Speed Bag - Is the Wrist the Key?

According to Zach Ruffo, the wrists are the key to progressing on the speed bag, especially when developing your side to side linking.

Give it a try - let us know how it works for you. Post back here!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Next Grip Contest - TPS Grip Assault

Click the image below to find out your info about the Total Performance Sports Grip Assault 4!

I will be there!


New Certs at Fat Bastard Barbell Co.

New Certifications at the FBBC site.

    Matt Carl - Big, 6" square, Gr8
    Jim Ricchezza - 6", 5.5", 5" Gr 5
    Charles Robbins - St croix UL 0, 5.5" Gr5
    Jeremiah Fox - Mag Bastard
    Kevin McFadden - 6", 5.5", 5" Gr5 reverse
    Zach Coulter - St Croix UL 1, Diamond DC0 & 1
    Derek Graybill - Hex, Big Hex, 12" spike, Grand Bastard
    David Wigren - Edgin, Shiny, 12" spike
    Scott Harris Jr - Grand Bastard, Mag Bastard

Keep training hard, everybody! Good work, John Beatty!