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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Just re-stocked our tee-shirt inventory at, and they are going in a hurry!


Both shirts have the DIESEL motto of "GET YOUR RESPECT" on the back.

Shirts are $20 for 1, or $15 apiece for more than one, plus shipping.

10-Oct-06: Angle Swurve

I was shocked to see that Kurt Angle has signed with TNA, after only a month or so ago being amicably released from his WWE contract.

There is a great interview over on in which Vince addresses the Kurt Angle surprise signing. Check It Out Here.

Here is a cut of the promo of Kurt's arrival at TNA:

Angle is also slated to be on Spike tonight, for the Scream Awards.

Just watched UFC: The Final Chapter. Ortiz got the victory over Shamrock again tonight, this time there was no question that Shamrock could not defend himself in the bottom guard against Tito's onslaught of punches. Tito was going through his grave digging act after the victory was called and proceded to flip the bird at Shamrock. Ken comes out of the pile with his hand extended to shake. Tito eventually apologized for his behavior.

The 3 hour special of Raw was last night. It was nice seeing everyone on one show again.

That's all for tonight. Later on, I think I wake up in the middle of the night, throw down a monsterous protein shake, and furnish some muscle.