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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Alexey Voevoda - Video Clip

Here is a video of Alexey Voevoda, Russian arm wrestler. There's some very impressive arm training in this clip using thick ropes, thick handle dumbbells and you have got to see him pulling against the might of three other men in some table work!


Global Grip Challenge 2008 Announcement

Global Grip Challenge will be August 30th, 2008

Events will be Grippers, Two Hands Pinch, Axle Double Overhand Deadlift, Loading Medley and 6" Reverse Bending.

This is the Official United States Championship contest, and athletes must qualify in order to participate. Qualification must take place in US Hand Strength sanctioned contests that are announced on the the GripBoard. Qualifying lifts are listed below.

Events at a Glance

MM, Credit Card, and TNS sets will be allowed. More points will be awarded for a wider set. Captains of Crush grippers will be used.

Two Hands Pinch
Normal rules apply. 4 attempts. Rising Bar. Pre-announced weights will be used.

Loading Medley
20 items to be loaded of all shapes and sizes.

Axle Deadlift
Full Lockout. 3 attempts. Rising Bar. Pre-announced weights will be used.

Reverse Bending
6" lengths Reverse style. 3 attempts. 30 second time limit bent to 40 degrees


Qualification Chance 1: Athletes shall qualify for Nationals if they finish top 3 in a US Hand Strength sanctioned contest announced on the Gripboard between September 2007 and August 2008.

Qualification Chance 2: Athletes can also qualify for Nationals by completing 3 of the following feats during 2007-2008 competition:

    1" Vertical Bar - 290
    2" FBBC Vertical Bar - 200
    Gripper - IM #3 or equivalent (140#), or 150# choker close
    Reverse Bending - Grade 5x6" bolt
    Axle Deadlift - 290
    Plate Pinch - 170

Qualification Chance 3: Complete any one of the following Wild Card feats:
    Close #4 Gripper with parallel set or wider (choker included)
    Break US Record in Two Hands Pinch
    Break US Record in 1-inch Vertical Bar (LGC Standard or FBBC Standard)

EVENTS FOR NATIONALS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please continue to check back often for updates.

Feel free to leave comments here if you have any questions.


Phil Pfister: In the Beginning

Here is a classic video of Phil Pfister from back in 1998. This guy was maniac from the beginning.


Monday, April 21, 2008

New Blog from Bob Sundin and John Eaton

It looks like Bob Sundin and John Eaton are going to try their hands at maintaining a blog. Up to this point it looks like Bob has made most of the posts. I hope John can commit to making some good contributions to the blog with his thoughts on his training, and once he starts that he keeps it up longer than his attempt at a workout regimen.

Good luck guys.

Check it out everyone: Brothers in Grip.