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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nothing is Going to Stop Me

I do coaching in many ways through the internet and it gives
me the opportunity to work with many different people
in varying degrees of one-on-one interaction.
Whether it's where I work with more
people but on a less-personal basis, or my One-on-One
program where I work with fewer people, but have more
personal contact, I am all about helping people attain their
However, one thing you have to know about training -
whether  it is for Grip Strength or some other aspect of the
Iron Game, you've got to have the right Mindset.
In other words, you can't go into your training doubting
If your goal is to lift a certain weight, like the deadlift, or
pick up a certain Grip Strength challenge item, or do some
other awesome feat, you can't have any doubts that you
will get it.
You have to have the mindset that - -

                        "NOTHING is going to stop me."
Here's a little story...

I used to train with a guy all the time who would constantly,
right before he went for a lift, say something like, "Man I
don't know if I can lift this."
I would get on this dude's case all the time because that
kind of sh*t used to pi** me off big time!
You have to go after your goals like a savage, crazed,
If you fail at doing something the first time, who cares? 
Failing once doesn't mean you won't ever get it.
Ever watch those TV programs where the lions go after
the gazelles?  Those savage, crazed BEASTS will run
around the savannah chasing after prey for hours until
they tackle one.
If they quit their pursuit after one miss, they'd never eat,
the pack would die off, and the Lion race would go extinct.
That's how you've got to go after your training.  Like a
Lion in the grasslands chasing down their prey.
I'm not saying you need to grow your hair long and growl
out loud every time you lift (although I am enjoying doing
just that these days) but you do need to approach each set in
 the right way.
If you are letting little doubtful statements like, "Not sure if
I can do this" enter your mind, stop it right away and think
of something else to replace it.
One thing I like have been using lately is "This is MINE,"
before I go after a lift.  In the past, I have even used,
                "New Record in December, Baby!"
You might have something else, like "Light Weight" a la Ronnie
Coleman.  Or maybe there is a line from a movie you like.  
Find something you like and run that through your head 
every time you are about to hit a lift and you will see 
Whatever works for you to develop that "NOTHING is going
to stop me from reaching my goals" type of mentality,
Heck, you can even wear shades in the gym and declare right
before you go for something HUGE, "I came here to kick ass
and chew bubble gum, and I am all out of bubble gum, like
Rowdy Roddy Piper in the movie, Them."

Whatever gets you in the right frame of mind - like the Lion
on the  prairie hunting down those tasty gazelles.
All the best in your training,
P.S.  I first learned how truly powerful this Mental Training
can be when I was shooting Road to the Record.  I was training
for the  Two Hands Pinch world record and I kept saying, over
and over - "New Record in December Baby!"
Sure enough, it worked and I've never stopped doing it since.
If you want to see exactly what I mean, check out my DVD, 
Road to the Record, and see how I train like a savage, raging, BEAST.