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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eric Cressey Analyzes the Baseball Swing

Thanks to Scott at Straight To The Bar for posting this excellent article on his site from Eric Cressey. Eric does a great job of covering the importance of the lower body in the baseball swing and the pitching mechanics, along with explaining why so many major leaguers are experience oblique injuries, while even throwing in a plug for my buddy Smitty's Combat Core Strength product.

Check the article out: here


Sunday, July 13, 2008

John Dennis - 450lb Axle Deadlift

Here is John Dennis at the Williamsport Power Fest I promoted earlier this year.

While John is doing great at strongman, he also recently pulled 450 double overhand on an axle. I am really hoping he has time to dedicate to grip training for next season - I think he has huge potential and would add serious depth to the field of athletes.


Testimonial: Nail Bending EBook

I recently received the following testimonial from Mighty Joe Musselwhite. Feedback like this is why I write these articles and products. Thanks to Joe for providing it - glad I could help you out.

    "I purchased Jedd Johnson's Bending E- Book thinking, What if it doesn't deliver?

    Boy was I wrong! Let me say right up front that the exercises alone listed and explained
    in the book are worth the price of the book. Period!

    Very detailed in explanations and diagrams. The references at the end of the book are
    priceless and can lead to a tremendous education in strength.

    After 90 days my bending went from not being able to budge a 60D spiral to demolishing Iron Mind's
    Yellow and Blue. I'm currently able to Double Overhand grade 5 bolts, grade 2 bolts, stainless and
    more. Not to mention, I can now Reverse bend a IM Yellow nail.

    As a former Pro Arm Westler for 15 years turned Bending Fanatic, I strongly urge anyone getting started in bending
    to grab a copy of Jedd's book. You will not be disappointed!"

    "Mighty" Joe Musselwhite

    2nd place, Silver Medalist
    1991 AAA Stand-up National Arm Wrestling Championships
    Men's Right Hand-90 kg. class

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