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Friday, June 08, 2007

13-Jun-07: Get a Spider Grip

Check out Smitty's latest entry on - the exercise of the week - SPIDERS. Click on the image to go to article:


12-Jun-07: Implementing Grip - Pinch Clean & Press

Need some new grip exercises to work in the routine for your athletes? A real easy one is the Pinch Clean and Press.


10-Jun-07: Mike Hanley - Cruel and Unusual Exercises!

Find out what plans Mike Hanley, RKC, has in store for you with this article featured on the site.

These exercises will help to throw a little severity into your training.


08-Jun-07: Ron Simmons Shoot Interview!

If you are a fan of wrestling shoot interviews, then chekc this one out. It is getting a good review from a caller on

Ron Simmons Shoot Interview

In case you don't know, a shoot interview is where the wrestler speaks as a real person, instead of working the interview like a promo. Check it out!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

06-Jun-07: Chad Kovach with another Big Bend

Chad Kovach bends the Fat Bastard Barbell Co.'s Huge Bastard stock!

What's next for this beast?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

05-Jun-07: Steve MacD, BBB2007, Ninja Warrior!

Steve MacDonald, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is America's Strongest Man and owns the world record for the heaviest atlas stone lift, 522 pounds. Unbelievable! And here is the video, supplied by Garrick Daft.

Click on the image below to get your copy of the entry form for this year's Backyard Bastard Bash.

A while back I posted a video from the tv show, Ninja Warrior, on channel G4.

Here is the video of Nakoto Nagano completing all the stages and becoming Ninja Warrior. What an accomplishment!

Keep coming back for more of the coolest stuff that there is related to health, strength and fitness on the internet, at Napalm's Corner.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

04-Jun-07: John Cena F.U.

I just watched John Cena perform the F.U. on the 450 pound Great Kali. It was the second time he did it in 24 hours, as he also dropped the big man on his head last night at ECW One Night Stand. This was quite an impressive feat of legitimate strength.

It reminded me of when he performed it on the 500+ pound Big Show a while back. On a hunch, I went to and found it. It is one of the greatest legitimate feats of strength I have ever seen in a wrestling match.


So, what are some of the biggest feats of strength in wrestling matches you remember seeing? Leave a comment!


04-Jun-07: Skunk breaks off another piece of gold!

Speed bag skunk breaks off another piece of gold in the shape of his speed bag tip #4!

Zach just competed in his first UKC fight and knocked out his opponent in 40 seconds! Great job, Zach!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

03-Jun-07: The Right Way to Breathe

Michael, from, gives advice on the proper way to breathe to increase proper oxygen suply to the blood stream and to prevent infection.

Online Videos by


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