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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recent PR from Brian Oberther

Here's Brian completing a series of pulls recently, ending up with 530 lbs!

Great job Brian. You are obviously working very hard in the gym at school. Keep up the good work - it's paying off!


Importance of Grip Strength in Football

Here is a guest post from Shane Swing. Recently he caught a college football game in which Grip strength pretty much became the deciding factor in the win. Here's what he had to say:

    "Leading by 1 point with just seconds left to play, all Texas Longhorn cornerback, Curtis Brown, had to do was grab Texas Tech’s wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, wrap him up, and fall down to allow his team to retain their #1 ranking.

    As fate would have it, Mr. Brown apparently is not a grip enthusiast, thus his grip failed miserably and his team lost the game.

    As a grip enthusiast, it was clear as day to me what caused the loss. It wasn’t coaching, curses, hot weather, or home field advantage, as pundits predictably tend to bicker over. Lack of grip strength lost the game, plain and simple, and it should immediately become part of the Texas Longhorn’s training program.

    Will it? Who knows. Grip training lacks the respect it deserves. Hell, even my buddies that I’ve known since high school constantly rib me over my grip training, yet, they begrudgingly had to admit that lack of grip strength lost the game for Texas.

    Sweet vindication for me, bitter pill for Texas I guess. Time will tell if they wise up...and Diesel Up."

    Shane Swing
    Grip Enthusiast, Maryland

Thanks Shane.

Check out this clip. Don't worry about having to watch the whole thing. I've got it set up to start playing right from the spot where the pivotal missed tackle takes place.

Never ignore the importance of Grip Strength!