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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Grip Training Report - Columbus Clutch Convention

We met tonight at Nick Rosendaul's for about 2 hours of gripping. It was awesome. It was Nick, Climber, Brad Audrey (strongman) and Rick Freitag (not sure of his board name), and me.

We started out with some choked grippers. Brad and I got the 191. Chris was a pube away on the 182. I didn't see anyone else's attempts.

Next we went to two hands pinch on climber's cromed set-up. We hit it at 48 mm. We worked up to 240. I got it off the ground but couldn't lock it out. I hit everything up to like 225 for a triple, so I was a little worn out when i got to 240. It felt pretty comfortable in my hands considering I usually train on 54 by myself and only do 48 a few times a year when I train pinch with Brad Martin.

We tried some one hand pinch with the euro. the +/- 100 lbs was a bit too much for me at 48 mm. Rick didn't do too bad - got it about 3 inches or so. i could only break it off a li'l bit and then it would pop out of my hand.

Rick and Brad pinched pretty well considering they never pinch. Nick said he felt off. Chris was looking pretty solid. Keep hitting it hard Chris. I want to see 240 out of you at Gripmas. It is right there - keep your volume up brother.

We then went to 1.9 inch axle. We worked up to 205. Brad was the only one that pulled a legal lift.

We messed with hammers. This is a rough one for me. S-T-U-G-G-L-E.....

We moved through all of this very quickly and got a lot of good solid work in. My hands got a good workout.

During the last 20 minutes or so, we did some feats. Nick tried a smaller shoe. It was thick!

I pulled the blobs out. Nick has a fatman and a York Blob Replica that is of the narrower sort. I kept trying until I was able to lift the fatman with the first two fingers and a thumb. I think I did it forward and reverse. Not sure about the reverse. Maybe some of the other guys remember. My memory is shot from interviewing OSU students all week.

I then hit an easy snatch with Nick's York Blob and a tougher snatch with the Fatboy Blob he has that weighed in at 51 lbs. That was the only thing that we got on film, but it was a great workout altogether.

Thanks Nick, for having us over. You and Andrea always take care of us and welcome us and I appreciate it every time I am in town. Thanks again buddy.