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Sunday, December 31, 2006

31-Dec-06: The Last Day to Capitalize

Today is THE LAST DAY to take advantage of the low introductory price of Diesel Crew's NAIL BENDING eBOOK - $29.97.

After today, this price will be gone. Click on the image above to go to the sales page and START THE NEW YEAR OFF RIGHT.

Here's just one example of what's been said about this product:

    I have an extensive library of strength training and related books, e-books and articles and this ranks up there with
    The GripMaster's Manual by Brookfield. Best $30.00 I have spent in a while. Thank You, Sean Rogers

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

27-Dec-06: Big Strongman Discovery

If you are interested in historical Strongman competitions, then you must check this series of videos posted on by Garrick Draft: Pure Strength 1987. Following is a quote from Garrick posted on a strength board:

    "Pure Strength 1987 is an extremely rare contest to be found. A very historic competition was held at the Huntley Castle in Aberdeenshire Scotland in 1987 called Pure Strength. Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Bill Kazmaier, and Geoff Capes all claimed to be the World's Strongest Man. In the birthland of the Strongman sport, their most bold of claims would be challenged. This is one of the greatest Strongman competitions ever held, and I am happy to share it with you all."

Here is the link to the entire page of videos: Pure Strength 1987 - The Phantom World's Strongest Man 1987

Event 1: The Claymore - Sword hold for time
Event 2: Manhood Stones - Load 3 stones into a cart
Event 3: Canon Pull - Pull a 1300-pound canon up a slant
Event 4: Caber Toss - Throw a pole for distance
Event 5: Weight Throw - Throw a weight up over a bar
Event 6: Hoist Pull - Pull a weight with a rope
Event 7: Log Lift - Lift a log with overhead
Event 8: Wheel Barrow - Move a big barrow over a courtyard
Event 9: Cart Wheel Lift - Like a Boat or Truck Deadlift
Event 10: Dinney Stone - Another Stone Carry for Distance

I think you will learn a lot from these videos, so I encourage you to view all of them. Several things struck me right away:
    Kazmier struggled to carry a 110 kilo atlas stone - that's a paper weight these days.
    The Log Lift is contested on a stack of ply-wood atop a castle! Watch as Kaz gets pissed!
    Sigmarsson pauses in the log lift with the 360-pound log balanced on his head, and then locked it out ballistically!
    Bill gets a little emotional talking about the sound of the bagpipes!
    The last event is the Diesel Method of Movement under Tension, exemplified.

If for no other reason, you have to check this video out for the cool 80's music.

Monday, December 18, 2006

18-Dec-06: Joey Mercury gets PWNED!!

Watch your lips!!! Get a look at it before WWE peels it off of youtube like wallpaper.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

17-Dec-06: The Fight Network

Just found another great wrestling resource in case you haven't seen it: The Fight Network

This resource covers a broad scope of combat sports material, including Mixed Martial Arts (UFC, Pride) and Sports Entertainment (WWE, ROH, TNA). The feature a monthly newsletter and a web store, featuring everything from MMA athletes' shirts, to fighting gear, to wrestling DVD's.

Stop by some time to see what's developing behind the scenes in the combat world.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

14-Dec-06: A Change of Pace for this Blog

Some excellent lady lifting from the 2006 Women's Open American Championships.

Give steak for Christmas.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

09-Dec-06: The Nail Bending eBook

Grip Strength Sports is getting huge, and awareness of the importance of a strong Grip for all athletic endeavors is growing. You've heard the exciting talk about nail bending. You've seen the videos of Grip freaks bending nails, bars, and bolts. But how do you get started?

The resource you need to start bending the right way is all right here, at and The Diesel Crew presents The Nail Bending eBook. Click the image below to read all this eBook has to offer. The introductory price is just $29.97 - but only for a short time!

Click the image above to go read more about our latest project. It includes everything you need to become a bending master.

Here's a video of Eli Thomas and me certifying on Fat Bastard Barbell Co.'s Nails.

This eBook is already getting excellent reviews. Here's something Sean Rogers had to say the day he got the Bending eBook:

    Just a note to let you know. I bought the bending E-book this morning. Incredibly well done!

    I am finally able to reverse bend, I never understood the proper technique before.

    Excellent section on sledgehammer supporting exercises.

    I have an extensive library of strength training and related books, e-books and articles and this ranks up there with The GripMaster's Manual by Brookfield.

Listen, when I started bending, there was NEXT TO NO information available, aside from a handful of strength forums on the internet, and obscure literature written decades ago. If you didn't know the sites to acquire this information, then you weren't getting access to any of that information. You could not make contact with the athlete's who'd already been through the trenches and made mistakes, and learned from them in order to break through their limitations and accomplish their potential. Now everything you need to know has been written down in one resource, documented from experience. When I began, I made mistakes. I learned from them. I had injuries, and I battled through them. Now you can read this Nail Bending eBook and avoid all the pitfalls that I had to struggle through.

Here is a handful of features this eBook has to offer:
    Half a dozen different Nail Bending techniques - some used by professional strengmen of the past and present!

    An exercise index of supporting exercies spanning 60 page!

    A complete Nail Progression Directory from the easiest nails to the toughest!
    Dozens of on-line resources that you can use to your advantage to improve all in one place! You'll NEVER have to scour the 'net for Bending information again.

Remember, the introductory price is just $29.97 - but only for a short time!

Whether you already have bending experience or if you're just starting out, you should get your hands on The Nail Bending

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

06-Dec-06: Big Show Retires; Rocky Returns

Its been obvious for several months now that the WWE's Big Show has not been 100%. I read in a news announcement in the wrestling headline feeder below that he will soon be retiring, at least temporarily, to heal. Big Show broke kayfabe more than anyone in WWE, but it looks like now he deserves a break from the action. Here is a tribute video someone made for him and posted on youtube. Best of luck to him. Love to see what he could do with some grippers.

Here's the news report from Big Show Retiring

Also, just wanted to tack this great trailer up. Never thought I'd see Rocky training with kegs, kettlebells, and Olympic lifts. Throw some block weight training in there and you've got pages right out of the DIESEL method.

Eat some steak - it's safer than spinach.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

03-Dec-06: New Forearm Article on EliteFTS

This Lower Arm article is a must-read.

Dave Tate: Forearm Jack Program.

Ate a huge steak last night and I feel great.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

02-Dec-06: Some inspiring videos

Gotta love youtube. I hope google doesn't ruin it for all of us. Check these videos out whenever you need an energy boost for a workout after a long hard day at the office or on the production floor or on the work site.

Here is some dozen or so variations of the burpee from

Been a great deal of time since I have done bodyweight training. This video makes me want to try these movements out.

Here is a highly awarded video from youtube on the sport of MMA.

Watch the whole thing - good quote at the end of the vid. Believe!

Steak night, tonight...

Friday, December 01, 2006

01-Dec-06: Diesel Crew Training

This montage shows a host of disciplines we cover in our training at Diesel Crew. Speed strength, odd objects, sledge hammer levering, block weights, hanging abdominal movements, presses, powerlifting, all mixed together with a touch of enthusiastic innvoation, just because we love training so much.

Our products contain the same brand of passionate inventiveness. Take your athletes to the next level.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

26-Nov-06: Excellent Strength Compilation Video

You gotta check out this highlight reel that someone posted a while ago on youtube, containing lots of Diesel Crew training footage. Other athletes featured include Josh Bryant, Tom MacClure, Benedikt Magnusson, among others...

You know you are going to want a source of inspiration to get you ready for all the training you're going to be doing once the new year begins. Try out The Sh*t Youve Never Seen.

To order this video for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling, click HERE.

Here is the promo video:

26-Nov-06: Excellent Interview with Smitty by Dave Depew

Smitty was recently interviewed by San Diego Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Journalist Dave DePew. Click below to read the interview and learn about a big announcement regarding Diesel Crew and Dave Depew.

Interview with the Grip Strength Expert Jim Smith

Thursday, November 23, 2006

23-Nov-06: Grip Brothers: The Gillinghams

Brad, Wade and Karl Gillingham have posted two brand new videos on their site, Jackal's Gym.

The Gillingham's are all great guys. Wade has posted excellent training tips on The Gripboard.

Another excellent display of strength and athleticism from outside the usual circles of strength: Scott Wills

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

22-Nov-06: Phil Pfister's Website

Click the pic of Phil holding the massive Pillars of Strength to check out the website of this year's Worlds Strongest Man champion, Phil Pfister.

Diesel Crew would love to see what Phil could do at the Global Grip Challenge on year!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

21-Nov-06: New GRIPBOARD Mash Monster: Wes Peart

Wes Peart, pictured below sporting a snazzy Diesel Crew shirt recently certified on the Mash Monster Gripper. This kid has got a solid future ahead of him in Grip. Just 17 years old!! Congrats Wes!! Click the picture to read his interview on

Wes Peart

Monday, November 20, 2006

20-Nov-06: Jeff Monson - Training DIESEL

Jeff Monson may have lost to Tim Sylvia on Saturday at UFC 65, but it wasn't because of improper training. Check out this clip from youtube, showing his bad ass training approach.

Eat lots of beef.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

19-Nov-06: Think you know something about bodyweight training??

Think you've seen bodyweight strength displays before? You better check out Dominic Lacasse:

... I just wish the music was a bit heavier.

Alex Apostle wearing our Gray Get Your Respect Shirt with Hulk on the front. The record holds true! Athlete buys Diesel gear, athletes sets a new PR!

Here's Alex hitting a new Personal Record on the deadlift 425 Pounds! He has one of the best gyms in America for a high schooler who has never competed at Strongman.

Great form! Keep up the good work, bro.

Friday, November 10, 2006

10-Nov-06: Videos: PR's, Steve Mac, and BBB 2006

I was stoked to hit this huge Overhead Lift PR about a couple of weekends ago. It is by far the most I ever locked out overhead, 345 pounds on a normal gym bar.

Steve MacDonald, from Pittsburgh, PA, is performing at the highest levels as a Professional Strongman. Have a look at this video where he competes in the stone loading event at the IFSA Tornio-Haparanda Grand Prix, in Finland, from August 5, 2005.

To see coverage of the full event, check out this playlist on

I just realized I never put up the videos from the Backyard Bastard Bash (BBB2006). My bad!

Here they are:

Don't forget to sign up for the FREE Diesel Crew Newsletter. Our newsletter is the best way to make sure you are notified of everything going on with Diesel Crew, especially when it slips my mind to post our videos again:



Don't forget to order your DIESEL tee shirt for this Christmas. Everyone should give themselves a present from time to time. Click on the image below to take the first step to being the best dressed athlete in your gym this holiday season.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

09-Nov-06: Big News for Bucknell

Big things at Bucknell University - Bucknell Wrestling Opens 2006-07 Season this Weekend

Bucknell’s Strength and Conditioning Coach is the innovative Jerry Schreck. Jerry has been a regular contributor to the Diesel Article section and has revolutionized the practice of economical strength training, including his DVD on the Junk Yard Sled.

This DVD will show you how to build a great sled that can be used indoors or outdoors and enable you to stay within budget. For more on the Junk Yard Sled, contact Jerry.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

08-Nov-06: PWR - Pro Wrestling Report!

I just found a great Channel on YouTube - the Pro Wrestling Report with Dameon Nelson and Meathead. Check them out - you'll enjoy their show if you like to dig deep in the business of wrestling. They go behind the curtain, where the obsessive wrstling fan wants to go...

Here, they discuss the greatest gimicks of all time, among other things.

Drink protein shakes!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

26-Oct-06: Kurt Angle in MMA???

According to Real Fighter Magazine, it's true. Click on the picture of Kurt Angle below to see what Real Fighter has to say.


You wanna enter the MMA ranks? No manual on the market will show you the training techniques you need to use in order to get there like Diesel Crew's "Building the Ultimate MMA Athlete." You've got to see how Diesel Crew trains for punching power!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Just got back from the Backyard Bastard Bash. Pesotum, Illinois is REALLY far from Pennsylvania. Dave Morton took the title in Pesotum this weekend. Click the image above to read the full write-up...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17-Oct-06: Excellent Weird Al stuff

Man you gotta love Weird Al. In "White & Nerdy" he busts on a ton of e-marketing tools. What's wrong with X-men comics?

Kills me that he talks about an E-board in this song. The E-board at my plant is the biggest freaking management nightmare. Check this out, y'all.

17-Oct-06: Phil Pfister Gets Some Good Press

If you've been to, then you've seen this picture. Click on it to read an excellent story on Phil Pfister in the New York Times.

Check out more Strongman Coverage, Training Tips, and Videos at

17-Oct-06: Hulk Hogan - Ultimate Anthology

Got my copy of Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Anthology yesterday and it is in right now. This thing is great so far. It is mainly matches. I was hoping it would be more documentary, but at least the matches are in their entireity.

One huge surprise: I always thought the first time Hogan slammed Andre was at Wrestlemania 3, but in the first match on this disk, Hogan faces Andre back when Hogan was a heel in his first run in the WWWF. In that match he bodyslams Andre, but it's no ordinary bodyslam. Hogan picks Andre from the mat from a standing position!! No momentum!! Remarkable.

The most surprising thing about this disk so far is that they have changed the titles on the film so that instead WWF, it says WWE, and they even dubbed in WWE when Hogan said WWF. Never thought I'd see them go that far.

Gotta watch the rest of this...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


If you didn't see the much talked about bout between Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva, I have located it on the 'net. Here it is:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Just re-stocked our tee-shirt inventory at, and they are going in a hurry!


Both shirts have the DIESEL motto of "GET YOUR RESPECT" on the back.

Shirts are $20 for 1, or $15 apiece for more than one, plus shipping.

10-Oct-06: Angle Swurve

I was shocked to see that Kurt Angle has signed with TNA, after only a month or so ago being amicably released from his WWE contract.

There is a great interview over on in which Vince addresses the Kurt Angle surprise signing. Check It Out Here.

Here is a cut of the promo of Kurt's arrival at TNA:

Angle is also slated to be on Spike tonight, for the Scream Awards.

Just watched UFC: The Final Chapter. Ortiz got the victory over Shamrock again tonight, this time there was no question that Shamrock could not defend himself in the bottom guard against Tito's onslaught of punches. Tito was going through his grave digging act after the victory was called and proceded to flip the bird at Shamrock. Ken comes out of the pile with his hand extended to shake. Tito eventually apologized for his behavior.

The 3 hour special of Raw was last night. It was nice seeing everyone on one show again.

That's all for tonight. Later on, I think I wake up in the middle of the night, throw down a monsterous protein shake, and furnish some muscle.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

05-Oct-06: Paul Anderson Tribute

A very nice tribute video for Paul Anderson featuring some of his most presitgious moments.

Eat lots of food.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

04-Oct-06: Speed Bag

I have been dabbling in the speed bag. With my (self-diagnosed) epicondylitis, I have been looking for alternative ways to get myself back to 100% and the speed bag seems to be helping me get better warmed up in that area before my home Grip routines. Of course, I am not that great, but I am getting a bit smoother.

Any ideas on how I can improve, I am a great student. Email me at

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

03-Oct-06: S50 Blues

Girlfriend got me the Sirius S50 for Christmas last year. The thing was great until I got a screen freeze the last few days. I'd put it on the docking station and it would just freeze up. I was going crazy. I was addicted tot he constant fee of heavy metal, hard rock, and alternative beats of Sirius 20 (Octane) and 27 (Hard Attack), not to mention an occasional helping of Howard Radio on 100 and 101.

Anyway, I was on the phone for over an hour tonight between two techs and it's finally fixed. My warning to you is the one I have acts up crazy from time to time so be ready for anything.


This past weekend, John Eaton came down and showed us that he is the real deal. Although he is new to grip, he is well on his way. Already pinching 5 dimes and getting close to the blob, closing #3 grippers cold, and bending sub 7 inch red nails.

Hope to have you down again, John! Keep up the good work.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

28-Sep-06: Never Say Never

Can you believe it is going to happen again?

This time it is free on Spike TV. Click the face-off image below to check out a run down by Michael DiSanto.

Check out the Diesel Crew products section to find MMA Training materials, including Grappling Conditioning DVD's and a sick ass MMA Strength Manual by Smitty of the Diesel Crew.

Ultimate MMA Manual

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

27-Sep-06: Clint Darden

Clint Darden lives in Cyprus and continues to train intensely day after day, month after month, even when he is sick and without the perfect professional equipment. That's DIESEL, brother. Check out his site: click the image below.

27-Sep-06: New Jersey E-Z Pass

This past August, I took a trip to some part of New jersey (not sure which - they all look the same to me) and happened to get on the Garden State Parkway. The toll area came up with no warning and I ended up in an E-Z Pass lane - I am not an E-Z Pass subscriber!! I got to the window and there was no attendant, so i sped away on my trip.

Yesterday, I get a notice in the mail that I skipped on a 70-cent toll and that I owed the state of New Jersey not only the 70 cents but also $25 in handling fees.

I don't think so.

Of coursed I was pissed, so I look for the customer service number and was surprised to see that the offices were actually open until 7 PM. Now, that is unheard of. Normally places like this that you need to call would close at like 4 PM or something, so seeing this calmed me down.

I was even more relieved that once the operator found out that it was an accident that I got in to that lane in the first place, and that this was my first ever violation, she waived the $25 handling charge. Glad I didn't go redneck on her and give her a rash of shit.

Train your Grip.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

26-Sep-06 Yield Strength vs. Tensile Strength

Found a great post on the Gripboard, describing the difference between Yield Strength and Tensile Strength, regarding nail bending.

First off, tensile strength and yield strengths are completely different. The tensile strength is indeed the theoretical strength that it would take to pull a piece of the steel apart if you pulled on it like a rope. It is not a force but is given as a pressure (psi-pounds per square inch) So, if you wanted to know the force, you would take the tensile strength (in psi) and multiply that number by the cross-sectional area. So a larger piece of metal (5/16 vs. 1/4) is harder to bend because it has a larger cross-sectional area. Its also why square stock bends easier one way than the other (diamond vs. square)

When you are bending, 2 things happen to the piece at the same time. The outside radius of the bend is put into tension and the inside is put into compression. So the tensile strength does have some bearing as to how difficult a piece is to bend.

Yield strength is usually lower than tensile strength for the same piece of metal. It is the pressure at which a piece moves out of the plastic range and into the yield range. So when you bend, you are exceeding both the yield and tensile strength. If you can only flex the piece of metal and it springs back straight, you have not exceeded the yield strength.

Monday, September 25, 2006

25-Sep-06 Just Made My Order...

Just logged on to and pre-ordered my copy of the Hulk Hogan The Ultimate Anthology. Click on the image below to check out everything that is featured on this 4-disk set.

If you order now, you get like $40 bucks off!

Eat some steak, brother.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

24-Sep-06 New Article: Grip Drop Sets

Just penned my latest article on Grip Drop Sets, documenting an experiment I will be running for Grippers. To read it, join our free Grip Authority newsletter.

Videos, articles and innovative grip strength training ideas!!


24-Sep-06: Great Faith No More Video

This is "Ashes to Ashes" by Faith No More off their Album "Album of the Year." I believe it was released in 1997. It's one of my favorite songs by them, and is also one of there most creative as far as attention video content creativity. Eait it up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

22-Sep-06: Booker T with a British Accent??

Come on now. Tonight I turned on Friday Night Smackdown and "King" Booker T was speaking with a British accent, like he was in the movie Robin Hood or something. Give me a break.

Chavo Guerrero turned on Rey Misterio recently. This angle sucks. Chavo is a terrible wrestler and is boring. While I am not a fan of luchador wrestlers, I do think Rey Misterio and even Eddie when he was still alive were entertaining. Chavo Guerrero is terrible. The guy can't hook you when he's got a mic and he can't act. Even when Eddie died, I thought his tears were fake. I wish they would get rid of the guy.

I was very happy to see the WWE change networks for their Friday show. Tonight was the first time I've seen the Undertaker do a show besides a pay-per-view in about 3 years.

Monday, September 18, 2006

WWE Unforgiven Review

One night removed from Unforgiven 2006. The best matches were Degeneration X vs the McMahons and Big Show, and Edge vs John Cena.

Degeneration X vs the McMahons and Big Show

Like I predicted this match was a bloodbath. All five were covered in blood. Triple H looked like he had a blood creek running from his head down his torso. Michaels looked like he was uncomfortable from the blood drying on his face like some kind of red glazed doughnut crust. At the end of the match, D-X wiped Vince's blood off his face by stuffing it nearly up Big Show's ass. D-X got Show tied up in the ropes, pulled his singlet down and wiped McMahon's face clean of blood in the crevace. I was thoroughly disappointed in Shane McMahon's core strength. He lifted someone up ina torture rack and could barely withstand the weight on his shoulders. Gotta work on that core strength, Shane-O.

Edge vs John Cena

Edge jobbed to Cena in his hometown, which was a true surprise to me. I figured Cena was headed to Smackdown. Both took some heavy bumps. Cena fell off a 12-foot ladder, out of the ring, and his ass went straight through a table and crashed ot the floor. I seriously though he broke his tail bone. Edge also got tipped off a ladder and through a table on the floor, but that was nothing compared to when Cena F.U.'d him from the top of a 12-foot ladder and through two tables stacked on on top the other. Great action.

Not much of a workout yesterday because Smitty and I cleaned out the garage on our own once again and I was exhausted and had to get home. Tonight, I ended up having to stay way late at work so all I mustered was some footage for the next Diesel Crew eBook. Tomorrow, looking to work Log, Atlas Stones and Inch Dumbbell.

Eat lots of food.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome to Napalm's Corner

This is Napalm's Corner. My mission with this page is to offer my insight about Strength and Conditioning and the most entertaining sport of them all, Professional Wrestling.

Speaking of the Greatest Show on earth, I am watching the WWE's Unforgiven right now, and as the highlight reel plays of Triple H getting his head crushed by his own sledge hammer, I know the Hell in a Cell match is about to begin. Hell in a Cell is the new version of the Cage Match in the WWE. Back in the old days of the WWF they used the blue steel cages that could be set up in between matches. These days the cage has morphed into a malicious form weighing two tons that takes hours to fabricate and is suspended above the ring until they're ready to lower it.

Tonight, Degeration X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) are squaring off against Vince and Shane Mcmahon with the Big Show alongside them. Months and months of feuding have led up to this match. Hopefully, Triple H and Vince will blade it up and the canvas will be laden with crimson after the match is done.

Play nice.