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Monday, August 27, 2007

Who Has Lifted the Dinnie Stones?

David Horne has pointed us to a page that documents every strength athlete and enthusiast known to have lifted the Dinnie stones:

According to the site, David Webster weighed these mighty monumental stones in 1956 at 435-lbs (187-kgs) & 340-lbs (154-kgs) for a total = 775-lbs (352-kgs). In 1998m Gordon Dinnie weighed them at 413-lbs (187-kgs) & 321-lbs (146-kgs) Total = 734-lbs (333-kgs). The reason of the drop in weight is probably due to people dropping them and chipping shrapnel off of them, as you can see took place in this video by Team Riot. Nice song by Coal Chamber here. Not sure if they were added to the official list, however, because lifting straps were used as a gripping aid.



odin said...


Have you or any other members of the Diesel Crew given much thought to lifting the Dinnie Stones?

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

I'd love to get over there and try. Not sure if anyone else has thought about it. Hopefully some day i will make it to Europe and get my hands on them. Certainly no guarantees though. I am piss poor at narrow support lifts, especially on rings like the dinnie stones have.

odin said...

It must be a painful lift with all that pressure from the ring and the difference in the stones' weight.

Did you see David Horne's training tool for the Dinnie Stones?:

I could see Rick Walker giving it a good shot, with his 700+ deadlift and great grip strength.

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

No I have not seen that before. The link did not work. Could you re-type it or email it to me?