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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Videos - How to Set a Gripper

Grippers are great for building hand strength and they are a staple in all Grip contests. To be competitive, you must learn how to set the gripper correctly.

I went through YouTube and found the best videos available on how to set a gripper.

Check these videos out and notice the similarities:

- where to place the gripper
- how to position the hand
- how to pull the handle in
- where the pinky finger needs to be
- and MORE!

I guarantee that many of you are setting the gripper incorrectly, because almost everybody does it wrong at first, including me when I first started.

These videos will show you how to set a gripper. You may notice a few differences in these techniques, but they are all great resources for you.

Paul Knight shows his method of setting the gripper:

John Eaton goes over his method:

Smitty shows the technique we have used for many years.

(This used to be a great instructional video until we were forced to put an audio track over it.)

Matt Brouse covers his technique:

Hopefully these videos help you out!

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Al in Vancouver said...

Cool thanks Jedd.

Adam said...


Jedd this is an outstanding post man-thanks a ton